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Soccer Information:
How to Be a Soccer Star of Your Team

Here you will learn soccer information for mental soccer games on how to play every game as a soccer star, to be always motivated, driven for success, and capable to show your best qualities.

soccer information

Putting all your efforts into mastering soccer skills, and building your body and endurance is not enough to make you a good soccer player. Real success comes to those who are driven to success.

No matter if the game is won or lost, but the ability of the player to perform at top levels is what makes you a big player.

It's good if your coach understands the importance of developing the drive and knows how to motivate his players. But if not...we give you the soccer information on mental tips how to be ready for the game.

After all it's in your own interests to train yourself, because your readiness for games is a solitary experience that you have to deal with all by yourself.

Let's get started...

Why motivation is important? - Because this is a fuel that will drive you. Your body and skills are the engine, but the engine itself doesn't go anywhere. Your healthy drive is fuel that will take you wherever you want to go...even when going gets tough.

You love soccer, you have desire to be a good soccer player...But desire just means that you want something. To achieve and accomplish you need drive. Drive is the desire to accomplish. It helps manage risks and overcome obstacles. It helps do the same soccer trick over and over till you master it.

Soccer information: Practical Plan of Being Tough

Mental toughness helps players to go further than just being a good soccer player. You may not understand it now, but think...do you have advantages? If you can...

  • Stay relaxed under pressure
  • Focus on what's important and letting go of everything else
  • Rebounding from mistakes, and failures right at the spot
  • Be free of self-doubts and negative thinking
  • Be ready for the upcoming match
  • Be motivated and follow your goals

Here are the reminders what you need to put your efforts to...

The development and progress are very important. You have to learn something new every day - you cannot stop where you are. If you are good enough for your age and seem to be advanced in skills or fitness, don't relax into it thinking that it's okay to slow down, to be lazy, because your teammates have to catch up with you yet. Don't compare yourself with someone else, but always compare yourself with yourself and try to improve yourself every day.

Focus on efforts - During the game you don't focus on the winning the game, but rather on the current task. If you have a ball - focus on the ball, if you lost a ball - focus on getting it back, if your team have a ball - focus on getting a good position, and so on. Your focus has to switch from one task to another. This will help you not to dwell on to mistakes you might make, but always go forward. You can learn soccer information how to focus on right things.

Setting your goals - Teach yourself how to set your goals, which will help you stay on the track of your development.

Ask yourself, "Why do I play soccer?" and always remember why you play soccer. The purpose you play soccer should be set by you, then it will drive you - you are not playing for your parents, or to get scholarship, or to be rich and famous. Try to find something you like about it, and then you can tight it to another goals - to make a national team, or play for the university squad, or being as great as Messi. Think what it would be like if you don't play soccer. Does it feel right for you? If it's not, it may motivate you too.

If you have a good game and play at your best, try to memorize your feelings, emotions, and the state of being. How do you feel it in your body? It will help you recall these feelings later and you can use it to bring yourself into this sate again by intention any time you need it. It helps gaining self confidence every other time you play.

If you have a bad game ask yourself, "What it would feel like I'm motivated and enthusiastic and love soccer?" Go and feel it! Pretend that you are enthusiastic and having fun and you will be.

Develop a special attitude to your sport. Soccer is something you like, and everyone should know it by the way you play it. You don't need to tell stories or show off your skills, but practice and play with the spirit that everyone recognizes.

When you play the game you should remember that the team goals are more important than your own goals. You goal may be to score the goal, but your team may need to play in defence more this time, you have to put all your efforts to achieve this goal. Remember that you are a real soccer star when you make your teammates play good. And your enthusiasm should fire up the team for its best play, not you to show off your enthusiasm for your best play.

Now...you can know all the soccer information, tricks, tips, but never follow them. The success is not knowing something, but actually applying what you know. You have to do things. Take your parents into your positive, supporting team, make a plan together, and work on your plan day after day letting your parents know how you are doing. Good luck!

More soccer information on mental aspects of the game will be added, check us later for updates.

Good and bad sportsmanship - what is it?

You are dedicated to soccer - how hard is a hard work?