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Shin Splints Treatment, Bruise Treatment,
Ankle Sprain Treatment, Muscle Pulls
and Alternative Medicine for Fast Recovery

Usually athletes are more familiar with the conventional shin splints treatment, while there are alternative, less known methods that may tremendously accelerate healing process.


Shin Splints Treatment

First Aid
  • Massage Trauma liniment gently into the injured area by putting some remedy on the tip of your fingertips. Start at the edge of the swelling and rub in the small circles around the edge. As you move inward to the center of the swollen area lighten the pressure of your massage. After reaching the center direct your work outward from the center, gently pushing stagnant fluids from the swollen area. Add more remedy as needed.
  • Apply san huang san to the injured area overnight, or for 24 hours.
  • Take trauma pills 2 times a day and homeopathic remedies 3 times a day for 2-3 days.
  • Elevate foot.
  • Perform simple range-of-motion exercises. If there is pain wait till you feel it less.
Follow up Shin Splints Treatment
  • Massage with tendon lotion. Put small amount of lotion on your fingertips and massage in circles gently into the injured area, deep enough, but not so deep to be painful. In shin splints injuries there are microtears of muscles that are pulling muscles away from bone. So you need to massage gently toward the bone.
  • Soak your shins in the tendon-relaxing soaks.
  • Do exercises as outlined on the shin injuries page.

Ankle Sprain Treatment

Ankle sprains are the most common sport injuries. In mild sprains, the ligaments on the outside of ankle are stretched. In severe ankle sprain, the ligaments are may be torn and surgical repair is requite. Proper ankle sprain treatment helps prevent further injuries.

The first aid treatment is the same as with shin splints treatment.

For the follow-up treatment you should massage with trauma liniment in circles, pushing with the palm and the thumb from sprained area up the leg and from below the sprained area to the tips of the toes.

Do tendon-relaxing soaks. If the pain and stiffness is worse with the cold, massage tendon lotion.

You can do following exercises that will help speed up the healing process:

  • Pick up a small towel with your toes and turn the ankle inward and outward.
  • Lift the foot slightly and draw letters in the air with your toes.

Bruise Treatment and Bone Bruise Treatment

A bruise is broken, damaged blood vessels beneath the skin. Sometimes damage may be too deep and tendons, ligaments and even the outer lining of the bone may be damaged. In this case an athlete can feel pain without any visible signs of bruising.

First Aid

  • Massage trauma liniment into the injured area with your thumbs, starting gently and increasing pressure slightly to reach deeper layers. If the bruise is too painful and big, wrap the area in soaked with trauma liniment gauze.
  • Take Arnica 30c or trauma pills for 2-3 days.
  • In case of large injured areas such as thigh, apply san huang san overnight.
Follow-up Treatment

In case of bone bruise, when it felt but not seen, or if the bruise is still sore after three days, apply black ghost oil.

Muscles Pulls Treatment

Muscles pulls are very often happened as a result of poor warm-up when muscles overstretched. For soccer players most common muscles pulls are groin muscle.

First Aid

  • Apply san huang san to the injured area, wrap it and leave for 24 hours. If the pain is still felt, repeat application for up to three days.
  • Massage trauma liniment into knots of in the muscles, trying to break up knots. Massage should be performed in the direction of the muscle fibers. Massage also the liniment into muscle attachments, for example, at the groin
  • Take Arnica or trauma pills for 2 -3 days.
  • Avoid ice, as it causes further contraction and stagnation. If you have only ice, apply it 10 min every hour and only the first 24 hours.
Follow-up Treatment

After pain, inflammation, and heat are gone, stretching exercises can be resumed with caution.

  • Apply u-i oil before and after exercises.
  • Massage injured area with tendon lotion (make sure that an inflammation is gone completely).
  • Use tendon-relaxing soak.
Attention: if you use tendon-relaxing soak in combination with other remedies - lotions, plasters, liniments, make sure to clean and dry area before applying another remedy.


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