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Common Soccer Shin Injuries

Shin injuries are very common soccer injuries because there is a lot of stress on lower leg in soccer. Our personal experience with this kind of injuries was expansive and we know how important of wearing a good lightweight shin guards and have a comfortable soccer shoes..

Common Shin Injuries in Soccer

Shin splints

These are the most common of shin injuries in soccer. They are inflammations of the muscles around the shin that usually caused by running on hard ground.You can recognize it by symptoms such as:

  • Pain over the inside lower half of the shin, which usually starts at the beginning of the exercise and eases later. But pain often returns after activity and becomes even worth.
  • Sometimes you can experience some swelling.
  • Pain may appear when the toes or foot are bent downwards.
If the player rests for about 3-6 weeks it will get better, but good treatment is necessary:
  • Applying ice for 10 minutes 5 times a day.
  • Taping the shin for support which will take the pressure off the muscle.
  • Wearing full orthotics, or arch support, or just better cushioned shoes if your child has a flat foot.
  • Doing exercises: Put both feet flat on the floor, rolling toes and feet upwards as far as you can, repeating until exhaustion; Strengthen the muscle by moving your foot upward against the pressure of your hand.


Stress Fractures

This is a microfracture in the front lower-leg bone (tibia). Stress fractures symptoms are usually similar to shin splint symptoms, and X-rays cannot recognize them. So usually a bone scan needs to be done.

No special treatment can be needed except rest from 6 to 12 weeks. They will heal themselves without a cast.


Shin guards are supposed to protect shins from injuries, but most fractions happen while wearing shin guards. Most common cause of this injury is a bad performed tackle. No need to tell that going to the hospital is necessary. Unfortunately, for your child this means the end of the soccer season.

Some of the other Injuries

Those injuries are related to the lining that holds muscle mass in place. This lining can be torn during a swift kick. Another case when this lining is too tight holding muscle mass and shins get too much stress. The symptoms can be similar to shinsplints or stress fractures and very difficult to recognize. Experienced sports physician might diagnose the problem. And usually a simple surgery can help to get rid of this injury completely.


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