Glastonbury Lacrosse Club

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Bantam - 3rd & 4th Graders  In House   

Junior - 5th & 6th Graders Compete in Both CVYL & CONNY (Select Team(s))

Senior - 7th & 8th Graders  Compete in Both CVYL & CONNY (Select Team(s))

The GLC boys programs provide instruction and competition with teams of the same age group in the Central Connecticut area.  The Bantam program provides limited regional competition in an instructional format.  Full equipment is required.  At the Junior and Senior levels, boys’ games involve normal contact according to the strict rules of youth lacrosse and players are required to wear complete protective equipment.  Season begins in late March and concludes in early June.   

Bantam Boys Program Description

The Glastonbury Lacrosse Club (GLC) has implemented changes to the bantam boy program for the 2019 season.  The format is changing based on input from what was learned in past years and through consulting other programs of similar size.  The program has been redesigned to highlight the following objectives:


  • Adapt to the increased number of boys in the program (over 90 boys registered).
  • Standardize the coaching approach.
  • Maximize the number of times each player touches the ball.
  • Simplified scheduling with less travel.

The overall program will feature a mix of skills format practices, individual team practices, and games.  The first practice will be Saturday 4/6/2019 and will be a skills format practice.  The last event will be an in-town championship tournament on June 18th. Expect to participate in 2 weekday and 1-2 weekend events per week.

During April, Tuesday and Thursdays will feature skills format practices, and Saturdays will be in-house 7 v 7 player games.  All players will be combined on the same field at the same times.  All events will be on the Buttonball School field with weekday events at 5:30pm-7pm and Saturdays at 9:30am-11:30am.

The 7 v 7 player games will be new this year, and will be used at the end of most skills format practices, and will be featured for the Saturday morning in-house games in April.  The 7 v 7 format is described below.  By limiting the number of players and shrinking the field size, 7 v. 7 games maximize the number of chances each boy has to touch the ball.  Playing 5 concurrent games will allow for 45 boys playing simultaneously on limited field space.  The team rosters will not be fixed for the 7 v 7 games, allowing boys to play with different teammates.  Slight modifications to the rules will vary from week to week (for example, the 3 pass rule will not be in effect for some games).

The formal 10 v 10 rosters will be decided in late April.  This will give the coaches more time to evaluate the players and to split the teams more evenly.  Due to the number of boys in the program, we anticipate splitting into 5 teams.

We will introduce skills format practices, where the players rotate through stations setup to teach specific skills through drills.  These skills practices are being endorsed by many of the top lacrosse coaches and programs in the country.  These practices will combine all players together at the same time.  The GLC board agrees unanimously that an emphasis should be on mastering fundamentals via skills practices and in-town play.

During May-June, Tuesday will be skills format practice with all players combined at Buttonball School field from 5:30pm till 7pm.   Thursdays  will be a team format practice with 2 or 3 of the five teams practicing on the same field, but split by respective team.  The time and place is to be determined.

There will be in-town games (both 7 v 7 and 10 v 10) and travel 10 v 10 games and jamborees played against other towns during weekends in May and June.  And we will culminate the season with a new in-town 10 v 10 championship tournament on June 15  Tentative Date.  We will crown a champion at the end.
7 v 7 RULES



  • Games are played crossfield -- from sideline to sideline between the end line and restraining line.  Field dimensions are approximately 60 yards long and 35 yards wide.  Games are played simultaneously.
  • Players are 2 attack, 2 middie, 2 defense, and 1 goalie
  • Field players for each team will rotate from D to M to A every two minutes on the clock
  • 1 player will be assigned to play Goalie each game and will rotate between games
  • Face off at the start of each 25 minute running time game (no periods or halves)
  • 5 minute rest between games
  • After a goal is scored, the teams will face off until one team leads by 5 goals.  If one team leads by five goals, then the scored upon team will start with the ball at midfield
  • 2 players must be on the offensive half of the field and 3 players must be on the defensive half of the field at all times
  • The team closest to the ball where and when it goes out of bounds gets possession on a Shot
  • Each player will get equal playing time
  • The following rules may be relaxed depending on the chosen format of the week:
    • Each team must "attempt" (not complete) 3 passes and must move the ball through X (the area behind the goal) before attempting a shot on goal.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of possession and the goal, if there is one, will not count.  Tossing the ball back and forth at the midline or in some other open area to get around the 3-pass rule will result in a loss of possession as judged by the game referee
    • All Rules of Play (technical and personal fouls) governing CVYL Lacrosse apply here
    • Teams will be mixed amongst grades

 10 v 10 RULES
 The 10 v 10 format is governed by the CVYL u11 rules.