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Swish Hoops! Youth Leagues 
"This basketball program is proving to be an invaluable first time experience for our 9 year old. It is teaching him hustle, teamwork, camaraderie, discipline and more. The coaches and staff are professional and very importantly, seem genuine about helping all the participants. Thanks for a great program that seems to be the right fit for us!"
-Michelle, Swish Hoops! parent
Hours spent shooting baskets in the driveway and beating your friends in a game of one-on-one have to pay off somewhere. Amaze screaming parents and gaping admirers with your skills when you make the winning free throws with one second left. The Swish Hoops! Youth League is designed for your child to play in a competitive environment, while having fun and bonding with his or her team. Your child will prepare the winning gameplan every week with the team's coach during their weekly practice time and will step on the court each Sunday ready to play. 

We offer leagues for both boys and girls grades 1-12. The season will consist of 8 games playoffs, weekly practice with the team’s coach, game jerseys, and trophies at the end of the season. There is an evaluation at the start of the season and players will then be placed on teams accordingly. This is an amazing experience for your child that he or she won’t forget.
Parent volunteer coaches needed.
  • Play in 8 games plus playoffs 
  • Attend 1 practice during the week
  • Receive a team jersey
  • Receive a participation award