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Program Policies
The following policies have been established to maintain a professional environment for Blue Wave youth basketball programs.  As Blue Wave basketball programs evolve, so will these policies.  
Blue Wave Basketball Board Members reserve the right to change or revise these policies at any time.   
I. Participant Conduct (Parent & Players)
Players and parents who are part of any Blue Wave basketball program will be held to a high standard of professionalism.  Any misbehavior or misconduct, on or off the court will be reviewed and handled in a fair but serious manner and could result in being banned from participating in Blue Wave Basketball Programs.
The BLUE WAVE Basketball Program does not condone any negative comments towards players, referees, or coaches. If a parent has issues with a referee, coach, or player, please address this with a Blue Wave Basketball Program Board Member and they will deal with it in the appropriate manner.
II. Coaches’ Responsibility
Each coach is responsible for addressing inappropriate conduct with team members, parents and spectators representing their team.  He or she can either deal with it directly or bring it to the attention of a Blue Wave board member.
III. Bench Personnel Attire
In keeping with the professionalism of our program, bench personnel are subject to the following standards. 
*All coaches and bench personnel must wear long pants or dress shorts & team shirt.  (Basketball shorts, t-shirts, hats, sandals or flip-flops are not permitted.) 
IV. Background Check
All coaches will be subject to a background check to ensure the safety of all players.
V. Player Eligibility 
Blue Wave Players will be required to have passing grades and appropriate personal conduct as deemed by their school in order to participate in our programs. Any player suspended from school or a school team for misconduct will not be allowed to participate with Blue Wave Basketball until the conclusion of their suspension.  Blue Wave Coaches & Board Members will work with parents on adhering to this policy.

VI. Attendance Policy for Practice & Games
This policy applies to Travel & AAU Teams.
Our coaches are all committed to providing the best possible programs for our youth participants.
Likewise, it is necessary that each child playing on a Travel or AAU team make a commitment as well.  We have a limited number of roster spots so therefore, we ask that while playing on a Travel or AAU team this activity takes priority over other activities.  Below are our expectations for our team play.    
  1. All players are expected to arrive to all practices and games on time. 
  1. All players / parents MUST notify the team coach PRIOR to missing any game or practice.
  1. Absences will be treated as EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED.
An EXCUSED Absence will be as follows:
  1. Illness or Injury
  2. Family vacations or commitments
(weddings, funerals, school functions, etc.)
An UNEXCUSED Absence will be handled in the following manner:
       -  1st Unexcused Absence – Coach will address with the parents and will be
notified that a 2nd occurrence will result in dismissal from the team. 
      -  2nd Unexcused Absence – Dismissal from the team.
Other Sports / Activities: With prior notice to, and with approval of the head coach, a player may be given permission to miss a practice or game in order to play a game for another team or organization.  This is solely at the head coach’s discretion, and does not apply to participation in a game of a different sport. 

VII Payment
All athletes are encouraged to participate in Blue Wave activities regardless of ability to pay.  Please contact a Blue Wave representative to discuss finacial arrangements and for scholarship information.