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What Is Responsible Sport Parenting?

Girl throwing softball.
A Responsible Sport Parent fills two key roles:
  • Ensuring your youth athlete's safety
  • Helping your youth athlete apply life lessons from sports on and off the field

Education through sport can develop children of high character, who lead, persevere, overcome adversity and function as productive team members.

Sports provide the ideal 'virtual classroom' for teaching life lessons, when children have Responsible Sport Parents and Responsible Coaches. A 2001 research study entitled "The Development of Psychological Talent in U.S. Olympic Champions," found that Olympic Champions reported having parents and coaches who "provided considerable encouragement and support and reciprocal trust and respect."

"There isn't any other youth institution that equals sports as a setting in which to develop character. There just isn't. Sports are the perfect setting because character is tested all the time."
- John Gardner, Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner and Founding Member of Positive Coaching Alliance's National Advisory Board

We are providing this service because, as a leading global insurer and one of the largest home and auto insurers in the United States, Liberty Mutual believes in the power of personal responsibility. Along with Positive Coaching Alliance -- a national non-profit organization committed to teaching life lessons through sport -- we cannot stress enough the importance of safety.

Driving to and from games and practices, overexposure to sun, dehydration, exhaustion, faulty equipment, overuse injuries and those that result from accidents on the field, all present potential hazards. That's why the number one characteristic of a Responsible Sport Parent is ensuring your children's safety.

All information is from http://www.responsiblesports.com.

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