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January 7, 2010

Janos Glynn
Randy Kurt
Mike Lettera
Holly Milledge
Greg Goss
Rob Worrell
Tim Hannon
Ken Beam
Jeremiah Ryden
Hunter Anderson
Jim McEnerney

 Janos submitted the Budget
We have $2900 left from last season
Mill Creek 3 fields will be $840
Shawnee Mission will be $723
Northland will be $300
Refs will be $6000
$100 maintenance
$575 web site
$500 advertising
$1000 left over
Will talked of getting trophies for champions of tournaments
We still need tournament fields expense plus 2 days of officials
Therefore, team fees will $525 per team.
We expect to have 7 2-4th grade teams
13 5/6th
10 7/8th and 5 to 6 girls 5-8th grade
US Lacrosse can bring resources to us for new teams starting up. We’d like to build a “HOW TO” book for these new teams.
Teams –
 Clubs must tell us number of teams that are participating by March 1st.
Teams must declare their rosters by March 21st.
Schedule –
the schedule will be done systematically. Once the schedule is posted to the committee, it is up to each club administrater to call teams and rearrange conflicts.
March 28 is opening day of play.
No games Easter weekend April 4th
Last game May 23rd.
Tournament weekend of June 4-6th.
We are giving MALOA group until Jan. 16th to give us dates, time and price to train youth officials. Otherwise we will move to our back up plan with True Lacrosse training youth officials.
It was brought up that we need to have a pre-season game March 28th to let the officials get their feet wet and have on the field training. A pre-vote was taken on this issue.
Ken, Hunter, Greg, Jim, Rob, Randy all thought this would be OK. This would move our season to a 7 game season with one pre-season game rather than an 8 game season.
Janos was not in favor of this. Jeremiah abstained.
Weather is a concern.
We do have Mill Creek fields Saturday May 15 and 22nd for make up games should we need it.
It was discussed that the pre season game could be Sunday, March 21, tail end of spring break. Possibly have a Jamboree where you pay to play.
Mike reiterated the purpose of the pre-season game was to prepare players, officials, coaches and parents for the season.
Jim suggested that officials go to Blue Lion Indoor Jan. 9 – Feb. 21st for on the field training as well.
Mike suggested that other options could presented at the Feb. 10th meeting even though this pre-vote has been taken it is not final.
Rob will negotiate with MALOA about the training and get resolved by Friday.
Coaching Development – Hunter
Tim and Hunter met with Dicks Sporting goods. They are giving us coaching packets to be distributed to all coaches.
Hunter is planning a coaches meeting prior to the start of the season. We will lay out our by laws. A place has not been determined or date. A rep from Call the Game will attend to talk with the coaches.
Greg and Hunter will work on club development to recruit new coaches.
Justin Wetterer, US Lacrosse President
US Lacrosse chapter will help the community grow lacrosse. WE will all work together. Money donated can be tax exempt and earmarked for certain clubs and groups if needed. We are a Fast Break site and will get resources in the year 2010 from US Lacrosse.
Next meeting February 10, 6:15 Lee Jeans Company.