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Donations to the WSC -

The Windsor Soccer Club would like to acknowledge the following donors for their generous support of our club.

Michael and Kristine Andersen
Eric and Kristin Berenson
Andres and Carmen Chaparro
Anthony and Roxanne Chukwurah
Donald and Ada Davis
Tina DelGreco
Lisa Doughney
Joseph Hesse Jr.
Fredrick and Alma Joseph Ingleton
Grant and Jan Kiehne
Larry and Doris Kokuah
Pradhyuman and Dipika Kotadia
Joe and Liz McAuliffe
Paul and Yvette Mercado
Brad and Susan Miller
Rory and Lauren Mocarsky
Diana Moya
Michael and Cynthia Peoples-Hobson
Mark and Heidi Ritchie
Ernesto and Carmen Rivera
Kevin Williams and Theresa Robbins
Kenrick and Karen Salmon
Carlton and Erin Sca'fe
Richard Robie and Susan Schack
Tony and Jennifer Tubiola
Dirk and Jacqueline Wallace
Ross and Michele Weiner
Laurie Whelan
Ken and Lynn Wilkos
Derrick and Delicia Williams