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                                   TEAM SCHEDULER

Every GSC Travel Hockey team has a Team Scheduler.  This is a volunteer position that involves many important logistical duties.

  • The Team Scheduler is responsible for confirming all games, communicating the schedule to the team and working closely with the coaches to amend the original schedule.
  • Team Schedulers need to check their email daily and be available to act quickly in response to any unforeseen scheduling problems.
  • As the schedule changes, the Team Scheduler will update the Team Schedule via the Website.
  • The Team Scheduler is responsible for posting game results on a regular basis.



Outline of General Team Scheduler Responsibilities:



  • Shortly after Tryouts, the Team Scheduler will be given a copy of the team’s initial schedule, together with contact information for the teams his/her team will be playing.  Team Schedulers will be given a Website password and be taught how to make schedule changes for their team.
  • As soon as possible thereafter, the Team Scheduler arranges a meeting with the team’s coaches to discuss the schedule.  The Team Scheduler and coaches should decide how they prefer to communicate with each other.
  • Team Schedulers will be added to a State list of Schedulers so that they can contact opposing teams to confrim and schedule games.  In general, this is done via email.  Each week, the Team Scheduler sends an email to the teams their team is scheduled to play in two weeks’ time, confirming those games.  She/He receive back emails from the other teams and saves them. If he/she does not receive a response from a team, he/she must proactively contact the team to confirm the game.
  • If the coach asks the Team Scheduler to make a schedule change, the Team Scheduler will send out emails to other teams to change an existing game or to fill a blank slot in the schedule. If he/she changes the schedule, he/she will then log onto the GSC Website and change the team’s schedule. If a change occurs within 48 hours of the game slot that was changed, the Team Scheduler will need to notify the team of that change directly. The method of communicating any such change should be decided at the beginning of the season with the team parents and Team Mom.
  • If the Team Scheduler cancels a game on Home Ice and does not intend to reschedule the time slot with another opponent, the Team Scheduler will need to notify the GSC General Manager so that referees can be cancelled and other GSC teams  given the opportunity to use the ice (unless the team will use the time for a practice).
  • In the event of bad weather, the coach calls the Team Scheduler who calls the opposing team to postpone or cancel a game.