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Rookie Baseball - 6 year olds

All league-age six-year-olds will be automatically placed in the Rookie League unless a request to play in the five-year-old division is made to the Tee-Ball Commissioner.

Below please find our Rookie League Rules and our MLL Player/Rule Development Chart for 5yo - 9yo.


Rookie Rules/Guidelines

Games will be three innings or 1.5 hours, whichever comes first.  As set forth below, score will not be officially kept, so, time permitting, home team will bat in bottom of last inning.  First 30 minutes of each session will be dedicated to skills development/educating about rules of game (does not count towards game time limit).

Every effort has been made to keep number of players per team lower than in Tee Ball so as to have a better coach to player ratio.

Defense will field four infielders, pitcher and four outfielders. Extra defensive player(s) will sit out each inning, but not more than one inning per game. Every player will sit (no preferential treatment).  It is the coaches’ responsibility to keep the sitting player(s) engaged in the game. Managers should make every effort to rotate all players through each position with no preferential treatment to specific players.

Those playing the position of pitcher shall wear a batting helmet.

In the first two innings, each team will bat through the entire order.  If in the first two innings, three outs are recorded before the final batter bats, the bases will be cleared and play will continue until the last batter bats.  The last batter shall be entitled to freely round all bases.  In the final inning, each team will bat until three outs are recorded or through the entire order, whichever comes first. 

A coach of the batting team will pitch to his/her players.  This is to be overhand with the coach on one knee from a comfortable distance away for the batter.  There are no strike outs or walks.  As this is a developmental league, it is strongly encouraged to help the players hit the ball.  If after three swings without a hit (excluding foul ball on last swing), a tee shall be used.  In order to keep the game flowing it is suggested the pitching coach keep a supply of balls, rather than wait for the pitched ball to be returned.

The coaches of the batting team shall act as umpires.   There are to be no disputes over calls.

Base advancement will be determined in the judgment of the batting team’s coaches.  Coaches need to keep in mind the intent of the Rookie League and act accordingly (i.e., the goal is to teach the game and good sportsmanship, not award as many bases as possible).    The following are offered as guidelines: If a ball is able to be fielded in the infield and no out is recorded, first base (only) will be awarded.  If a ball gets hit into the outfield in the air and is catchable, but no out is recorded, first base (only) will be awarded.  Existing base runners can advance no more than two bases, and are subject to being put out.  Play shall be “live” on fair balls not deemed those for which an out would ordinarily be made.  No advances on over throws.  Outs may be registered in traditional fashion.  

There is no bunting, stealing, leading, head first sliding or tagging up.  Base runners may only advance by a hit fair ball (see above).  No overrunning bases other than first and home.

To speed play the on deck batter should be identified, but only the batter at the plate shall be allowed to have a bat.

The goal of this league is to provide a positive baseball experience to the players, to instruct, teach and enjoy the game. No formal scores or standings will be kept by coaches or parents. It is the coaches’ job to teach the players sportsmanship and the value of team play and effort. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

It is the responsibility of the coaching staff and parents to take care of the field and equipment. The field should be raked and dragged and all debris should be cleaned up, all equipment should be put back into field box/shed and locked.

The objective of this league is solely for the players to have a fun, positive playing experience. It is our job to facilitate this by creating a comfortable atmosphere in which the player can succeed. Positive coaching is a must.  Advice and positive coaching tips are available at www.madisonctbaseball.com and reference to this resource is urged.