CJFC is a competitive youth soccer club committed to offering central New Jersey players an organized and professional association that encourages player and character development, teamwork, sportsmanship, social responsibility and a love and appreciation
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  Training Principles
Be committed to the complete development of the individual player; technical, tactical, physical and psychological.

As a coaching staff provides all players with a competitive training environment which will develop players in the core areas of the game:

Technical Skill:

  • The skills needed to play the game.
Tactical Awareness:
  • How the game is played and how teams work together.
  • The mental state needed to be successful on and off the field.
  • The physical demands needed to compete at the highest level.
To achieve this:

1. Create and maintain a highly competitive training environment which leads to success on the field.

Players need to be introduced to a high level competitive training environment where they are consistently and constantly challenged during each session.

Be committed to developing a training environment that simulates the competitive environment of the game. This game environment is effectively recreated by making each training session a contest. When every part of every session is competitive the level of intensity raises and the players develop the competitive mentality; one in which winning and losing is very important. This can be done in a variety of ways, the most effective being done by putting rewards and punishments on the training exercises. These rewards can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Examples of intrinsic would be asking the player to try and beat his own record of juggles. Extrinsic examples would be making the losing team run twenty five yard shuttles. Either way the games make the training sessions more competitive and the level of training rises. Over time this desire to win becomes internalized building the winning mentality.

When this mentality is continually introduced and reinforced in training the players make it their own. As it becomes their own it translates into a mentality on the field. When it becomes their own then they have developed the winning mentality, one which is developed specifically thru training.
Seek to develop players while developing a team. The belief that teams are stronger than individuals will be at the core of our training. Individual development will be stressed and focused upon, however we will focus on developing the individual player while strengthening a team over the course of time. The belief that team chemistry fosters and builds the desire that drives individual to success will supersede the belief that individuals are stronger than teams.

2. Develop and implement highly competitive focused training sessions that teach players the technical skills needed to play the game while learning tactically how to play the game.

Coaches need to create a series of focused training sessions with the intent of developing competitive players in the four areas of the game. The end result will be success on the field by players who have mastered the game both technically and tactically through working with coaches in a structured environment.

Coaches need to set up a structured environment in which the players can become technical and tactical masters of the game. This structured environment will be intentionally planned before practice, written down and then executed.

The point of focused training is to develop players who understand the game and can play the entire game with minimal input from the coach. Focused training will teach the players the different aspects of the game, the subtleties of soccer, and how to succeed as the game changes around them.

Soccer is a multi faceted game; very complex with eleven players on each side continually shifting and changing as a moves between them. At the same time the game is very simple; use feet to put the ball in the back of the net. In this game success depends largely on the amount of training that takes place outside of the game. Soccer is a game that simply flows; there are no time outs, offenses to run, or coaches calling plays. To be successful the players must know what they are doing before the game begins.

Coaches need to instill in the players that the system they are playing is the right system and within that system every player has a part. . Every player is a piece in a complex puzzle that is continually changing, yet though the puzzle is dynamic, the players’roles remain relatively the same. Our coaches will teach players and it begins in training. Within the training environment our coaches will develop within the players the proper way of playing the game. Within this environment our coaches will be sure to correct mistakes the players are making. Though difficult it is very important to continually be correcting and guiding in the proper direction. Our players will be taught properly how to play the game and corrected when playing improperly. Our staff will constantly be teaching and reinforcing the proper way to play the game. When teaching our staff coaches will correct mistakes and more importantly teach how to do it correctly the next time.

3. Develop and maintain a winning mentality within each player by teaching players to be internally motivated striving for success on and off the field.

Coaches need to train with expectations of excellence. They will train with the idea that whatever is covered in practice must be done with the idea of achieving excellence in mind.

The staff needs to set this tone and begin building within the players their desire to achieve excellence, the precursor to desire which leads directly to a winning mentality. When players start training with the intent to be excellent they are on the right path; they are on the way to developing a winning expectation within themselves.

As this environment of excellence develops coaches need to look to teach their players to internalize this mentality of excellence such that it becomes their own. Then they begin to hold themselves and their teammates to a higher standard, one where success and excellence is expected and demanded.

When thiswinning mentality is developed the result is a players who gives one hundred percent every time. The players who give everything they have playing knowing they will win the ball, they will possess the ball, and they will make the play. Whether they do or not is fairly inconsequential as every play cannot and will not go their way. It simply means they think and more importantly play as if it will go their way.

4. Develop players into complete people and real leaders by intentionally placing them in positions of leadership to foster responsibility and leadership skills.

Coaches need to keep the game in the proper place remembering that academics and social responsibility are important. Though the game is important, it should be used develop leaders on and off the field.

Coaches need to remember that the game is just that, a game. The game is used to teach and institute leadership skills to develop players into better people. The coache should look for ways to place players in areas where they can grow not only as player but also as people. Through the use of leadership training players can grow as people and learn concepts such as teamwork, the competitive nature, how to succeed under pressure and how to apply training to a stressful environment. Work to promote deserving players into places of leadership such that they can be successful while learning how to lead others.


On the training field create a highly competitive training environment that develops players technically, tactically, mentally and physically through the use of focused training sessions. The end result will be players that are internally motivated to achieve excellence for themselves and their teams through hard work, sacrifice and determination while striving to be the best player they can be.

They will become players who play knowing they will make the play when on the ball and who are analyzing the game when off the ball. In every phase of the game they will play with the intent of changing the context of the game. We will teach them to become complete players. Within the game and the focus of learning the game to the best of their ability the leadership skills needed for success will be learned by the players and be transferred to their daily life.