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Canyon Creek Little League
Board Meeting Minutes                    April 18, 2010
Morgan Cabana
Present: Kelvin Friedel, Dan Frank, Jeni Bernard, Anne Reed, Karen Neswick, Paul Leffel, John Morris, Don Nathlich, Lorraine Kalich, David Verespey, Rick Charles, Meg Mahony.
The meeting was called to order by Kelvin Friedel at 7:07 p.m.
I.          President’s Report
a.      State of the League – All intra-league games cancelled due to weather have been rescheduled. Inter-league games are still in the process of being rescheduled.
b.      Opening Day/Mid-Season Classic – Both the Opening Day and Mid-Season Classic went off without a hitch, all comments received were positive.
II.        Treasurer’s Report – There were no major expenditures. Don is still waiting on the invoices from Alpine for the team uniforms. 
III.       Old Business
a.      Picture Day – Date and times need to be posted to the website.
b.      Player Training - The proposed TCP pitching/catching training is up and running. A few dates still need to be finalized. The Board needs to start the process of planning next year’s training.
c.       Player Injuries – It was discussed that if a team needs more than one player to be moved up due to injuries, that they are not allowed to call up more than one player from the same team to replace them. 
d.      Sponsorship - The banners have been placed at Memorial Park. Karen Neswick discussed sponsorship guidelines for placement in the souvenir program. It was decided that individuals and businesses that have sponsored or helped out CCLL would have their names placed at the bottom of one of the pages in the program.
e.      Challenger Baseball - The Challenger Baseball Jamboree will be held Memorial Weekend. Anyone already cleared with volunteer status may signup to help out.
IV.       New Business

a.      Player Pools – Kelvin motioned, David Verespey seconded that when using the player pool that the player must be picked randomly from the pool list and that a maximum of 10 players will used by the games end. All were in favor and the motion passed.

b.      All Stars - The following motion was made by Kelvin Friedel:

                        1.  To participate on the "All-Star Team" or "Tournament team", the cost is $200 and will 
                              cover entry into three tournaments.  Additional costs will be incurred by the families 
                              for additional tournaments.

                        2.  Each team will consist of players of the same league age, also known as "Age 

                        3.  8 year olds will not be allowed to participate on the Tournament Team.

                        4.  The addition of a "Tournament" team for an age group will depend                            
                              solely on the number of available candidates.

                        5.  The use of the term "All-Star" is reserved for those teams that will                             
                              participate in International All-Stars, and not the tournament team.

                The motion was seconded by Paul Leffel and was unanimously approved. The Board will decide at the May meeting whether or not we  are going to carry 12 or 13 on the All-Star team. Dates for Manager’s/Coach’s applications have not been determined, nor have the dates for player interest.

c.       CCLL Souvenir Pins – An email will go out letting the league know that extra pins from Opening Day/Mid-Season Classic will be available for purchase.
d.      Player Evaluations – It was discussed about distributing player and manager/coach evaluations at the end of the season. John Morris is going to look into different types of evaluations that are available. The Board will continue this discussion at the next Board meeting.
e.      Home Run Pin - Kelvin motioned that the league order approximately 150 Home Run Pins at an estimated cost of $285, Lorraine Kalich seconded, all were in favor and the motion passed. These pins will be given to a player each time they make an over the fence or in-the-field (not due to errors) home run.
f.        Trophies – Trophies for T-Ball, Rookie and Single A need to be ordered. 
g.      12 Year Old Recognition Plaques - Plaques need to be ordered. It was decided to pass out the recognition plaques at the Major’s Championship game. 
h.      Conduct of Managers/Coaches - Kelvin is going to email the Managers reminding them of the proper conduct to be exhibited at games. This includes the conduct of the Managers, Coaches and by-standers. 
i.        Australian Teams – Kelvin is looking into the possibility of CCLL playing against Australian Little League teams. The possible dates would be July 24-July30. More information to follow.
V.        Next Board Meeting – May 17, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. – Morgan Cabana.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:27 p.m. by Kelvin Friedel.
Respectfully submitted:
Jeni Bernard – CCLL Secretary 2009/2010.