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Canyon Creek Little League
Board Meeting Minutes                    March 15, 2010
Present: Kelvin Friedel, Diana Waterson, Jeni Bernard, George Kirkland, Ross McKeon, Paul Leffel, John Morris, Don Nathlich, David Lawrence, David Bellinger, Abe Harris, David Verespey, Rick Charles.
The meeting was called to order by Kelvin Friedel at 7:03 p.m.
I.          President’s Report
a.       State of the League – All games cancelled due to weather have been rescheduled.
b.      Volunteer Applications - All applications are being processed.
II.        Treasurer’s Report – Don presented to the Board the March 2010 Year to Date Financials. There were no major expenditures. He is still waiting on the invoices from Alpine for the team uniforms. 
III.       City Coordinator’s Report – Breakaway bases need to be ordered and placed at the Gale Ranch and Coyote Crossing fields.
IV.       Division Director’s Report – Diana has received names for the player pools and has distributed them to the Division Directors. It was reported that some managers have not been posting game scores within the 24 hour requirement and that this must be enforced.
V.        Old Business
a.      Opening Day/Mid-Season Classic –  Will be held on April 17, 2010. All details for Opening Day ceremony have been completed. A committee for the Mid-Season Classic is still needed.
b.      Player Training - After a lengthy discussion regarding training for the players, it was decided that with the limited amount of time remaining in the season that a targeted training approach would be the best strategic investment. Kelvin suggested a plan for targeting a training plan for pitchers in A, AA and AAA divisions and a training plan for catchers in the AA and AAA divisions. It was decided by those present for Kelvin to go forward and get a proposal from TPC to present to the rest of the Board to be voted on.   It was also discussed to possibly start up the Friday Night Lights hitting event that CCLL had done in the past. 

VI.       New Business
a.      UIC – Umpire in Chief armbands have been ordered.
b.      Next Year’s Board – Kelvin asked the Board to think about next year’s future board positions and to get the word out to anyone that might be interested in joining CCLL’s Board.
c.       Souvenir Pins – It was proposed that we order a 2010 CCLL souvenir pin to be distributed at Opening Day, Mid-Season Classic and the San Bernardino tournament. A sample of such pin was passed out for review. After discussion, it was motioned by Kelvin Friedel, seconded by David Lawrence and unanimously passed that CCLL purchase approximately 500 souvenir pins to be distributed.
        d.   Challenger Baseball - The Challenger Baseball 
              Jamboree will be held Memorial Weekend.
VII.     Next Board Meeting – April 19 at 7:00 p.m. – Morgan Cabana.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:49 p.m. by Kelvin Friedel.
Respectfully submitted:
Jeni Bernard – CCLL Secretary 2009/2010.
c. Souvenir Pins - After further thought, it was decided to increase the purchase number of Souvenir pins to 750 from the previous 500 voted on. After a majority vote, such increase was approved.