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Click Here to be linked to the SJBB Pitch count report for the week. 

How to read pitch count report:

Each Team will be listed in a grid. Each player will be listed for the team along with Eligible pitching date and the number of remaining pitches for the week. Special pitch count restrictions will be listed under NOTES for designated Travel Team Pitchers.  If a player has pitched during the pitch count week, in gray under each players name, will be the pitch count history details for the week. This includes date pitched, number of pitches thrown and number of recovery days required.  See Example Below: 


Team Name

Name Eligibility Date Remaining Pitches
This Week
Date Pitch
Player 1   110  
Player 2   110  
Player 3   110  
Player 4* Friday, 4/21/11 55
Special Pitch Limits**
Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.
N/A N/A 40 24
Sunday, 4/17/11 55 4 Threw 55 pitches, and is therefore in eligible to pitch for travel on Sunday, 4/24/11.
Player 5   110  


As a courtesy to others, Please Report All Pitch Counts SAME DAY.

To Enter Pitch Counts: (Go through left side tab, "PITCH COUNT ENTRY" )
User Name: pc_entry
Password: f3a5UFru
To View Pitch Counts for Week: (Go through Horizontal toptab , "PITCH COUNT")
Password: 2012spring