Ages 5 - 13 boys and girls in North Boulder develop their baseball skills following official Little League rules, T-Ball is available for ages 5 - 7.

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League Boundaries/Player Eligibility

Per Little League International rules, a player must meet the residence requirements of a local league to be eligible to play in the league.  These residency requirements are that the player must either 1) reside within a geographic area specified by Little League International for the league or 2) go to school within that specified geographic area.  The league boundaries for NBLL, as determined by LIttle League International, are described below.

If the player lives within the NBLL boundaries, the player simply proceeds through the normal registration process to register.  If the player does not live within the NBLL boundaries, but does go to school in the NBLL territory and wants to play in NBLL, the player must complete a waiver form.  Players looking to register using the school waiver process should contact NBLL via .

A map of NBLL's boundaries can be found here: District 2 Little League Boundaries

NBLL boundaries are defined as follows:

Beginning at the junction of Highway 7 and US Highway 36 in Lyons, travel west along South St. Vrain Creek on Highway 7 to the town of Ward.
After encompassing the town of Ward, travel east on County Road 52 to the Switzerland Trail.
Travel southeast on the Switzerland Trail to Fourmile Canyon Drive.
Travel east on Fourmile Canyon Drive to Arapahoe Avenue.
Travel east on Arapahoe Avenue to 75th Street.
Travel north on 75th Street to Valmont Road.
Travel east on Valmont Road to 95th Street.
Travel north on 95th Street to Nelson Road.
Travel west on Nelson Road to US Highway 36.
Travel north on US Highway 36 to Highway 7 while encompassing the town of Lyons.


This area includes North Boulder, Ward, Gold Hill, Lyons, Niwot and parts of southwest Longmont. 



  • If you live in Boulder, but outside the boundaries listed above, please see the South Boulder Little League website at  Additionally, Nederland and Sugarloaf are in SBLL territory.
  • If you live in Lafayette, or areas of Boulder that are south of Hwy 52 and east of 75th St., please see the Coal Creek Little League website at
  • If you live in Louisville or Superior, please contact Monarch Little League at