Youth lacrosse club for boys ages 6 to 15 serving all of Lee County, Florida with practices in Fort Myers and games in Naples, Estero, and Sarasota.

Sponsored By:   Dick's Sporting Goods
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13U players must be 13 years old or younger as of August 31st preceding competition.

No player shall be allowed to participate if any piece of equipment is missing, including mouth guard.

The 12U teams will typically practice Tuesaday and Thursday evenings 6:30pm - 8:00pm, players are required to be on the field ready for practice at 6:30pm.  Games will be held on Saturdays (on occasion there may be a game during the week), players are to arrive 30 minutes prior to a scheduled game.  DUE TO FIELD RESTRICTIONS FALL-OUT PRACTICES WILL ONLY BE HELD ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS OR ADDITIONAL DAYS AT COACHES DISCRETION. 
The following game parameters will apply:

Players: 7v7 or 10v10, depending on size of field used
Field Size: 60 yards x 35 yards (cross field) or 110 yards by 60 yards
Equipment: Full equipment, NOCSAE lacrosse ball
Goal Size: 6 feet by 6 feet
Penalties: Time-serving penalties.
Body Checking: No body checking permitted. Any overt (obvious) collision should be enforced as an illegal body check. The following types of body contact are allowed:

  • legal holds
  • legal pushes
  • positioning yourself against an opponent to gain possession of a loose ball (i.e. boxing out)
  • defensive positioning to redirect an opponent
  • incidental contact

Stick Checking: Only checks with the crosse listed below are legal. In all cases stick checks must be made on the crosse of an opponent or gloved hand of a crosse when an opponent is in possession of the ball or within 3 yards of a loose ball. 

(a) Lift the bottom hand, when it is on the stick and below the chest; or the head of the stick when it is below the chest area.
(b) Poke the bottom hand when it is on the stick and below the chest area; or the head of the stick when it is below the chest area.
(c) Downward check initiated below the shoulders of both players.

Game Length: Four quarters, 10 minute stop time each quarter. (if running time, 12 minute quarters)

Time Outs: Two (2) per half

Penalties: Personal foul penalties will be called in accordance with boys lacrosse rules. Players committing a penalty shall serve time in the penalty box, players will take a knee in front of the time keeper table.

Substitutions: Substitutions shall take place during stoppages of play and on the fly.

Sportsmanship: After the game both teams should form opposing lines at midfield and shake hands.