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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes

IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  September 16, 2010          
Meeting called to order at 7:06pm by Secretary Brent Eilefson
Board Members Present:  Brent Eilefson, Steve Krahn, Kara Chamberlain, Beth Soberg, Cyndi Olson, Mike Nundahl, Rick LaPorte, Nina Dojan
Board Members Absent:  Dan Marcouiller, Chris Drews
Guests:  Mark Kline, Mark Rupp, Mike Collins (MV Girls Coordinator), Torri Johnson, Tom and Lily Atkinson, Pat Schumer  
Minutes:  The minutes of the last Board meeting were read. 
      Rick LaPorte moved to approve August meeting minutes as read.  Beth Soberg second.  Passed without debate.   
Board Roundtable:
President:  Working on potential co-op opportunities to bolster numbers, especially at bantam level.  Looking closely at levels of play in D10, watching what levels similar associations are going to declare.  Contract with Rick McKelvie (Director of Player and Coach Development) in process, same terms as last year.     
Vice President:  No report.
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer:  Trying to put budget together.  Need to know if there are changes anticipated.  Ice bill reminders will be coming via text/email.       
Boys Program Coordinator:  Absent, no report.  General discussion around levels of play.  Lots of questions and concerns.  Uncertain whether list of players from last year has been updated to give a true picture of how many kids we will have at each level.  Many bantams have either quit, moved to different schools, or may opt to play HS.  D10 wants to make sure all associations have teams playing at the proper level.       
Girls Program Coordinator:  Girls are on the ice, warmups started last Sunday with Rick McKelvie.  Going good.  Have some girls waiving in at the 12s, tournaments registered.  Good turnout at registration.   MV needs goalies so this issue is evolving.  
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Still looking for ANY available parents to be coaches this year. Hockey experience not necessary.  Adding an additional open skate, “Bring a Friend to Hockey,” Halloween night.  That would be 10/31.  Sending out hockey invites to MV schools shortly.  Coaches meeting coming up to discuss splitting of kids, etc.  Next “Lets Try Hockey” is 9/26, like to get coaches and Board members to this event.  Need equipment!!!!  9/18 equipment swap at MermaidBring your gear to the swap, even if you are not running the 5K or attending the pancake breakfast.
District Representative:  Attended D10 meeting, league and tournament fees due.  Tentative team declarations are in and we have each association’s tentative declaration, final declarations need to be in no later than October 2.  Scheduling starts 10/7.  Kara and partner need to be at all scheduling meetings (10/7, 9, 16).  Schedule correction date, 10/23.  11/20 coaches/managers meeting for Squirt/U10.  9/28 tournament meeting.  Reffing certification dates are available if kids are interested in getting certified to ref.  MN Hockey advises that cell phones not be allowed in locker rooms.  D10 is suggesting each association address this issue.  Need coaching info to D10 by 11/14.        
Ice Commissioner:  Girls warmup dates posted.  Boys warmup dates will be posted to website shortly.  Done purchasing ice.  The hard work is pretty much done…    
Registration Coordinator:  Slow pickup in registration—assume folks are waiting until last minute.  Remember, $50 admin fee kicks if not registered by 9/24 deadline.  Registration reminders being sent out…
Equipment Manager:  Pucks and bags are in.  Jerseys are in.  Waiting for socks.  First aid kits.  Equipment swap is Saturday.  If you have equipment, get it back or arrange to get to Steve some way or another.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:  No report.  Meetings coming up.
LakeRegion:  No report.
Fundraising Committee:  5k and Pancake breakfast Saturday—get there and support the association.  Equipment swap taking place at same time.  Tons of support for the pancake breakfast—whoever shows up will be profit to association. 
 Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant. 
Website Update:  No report.  Need specific warmup dates please.  Torri notes that iCal will be functional when kids are assigned to teams. 
Old Business
Exhausting discussion around the Dine and Discount fundraising opportunity (discount card).  Approved in concept by Board in August, open questions around (1) how to allocate profit, and (2) whether to make the fundraiser mandatory.  Treasurer worked with Torri and concept of profit resulting in ice credit for individual players will work, though Treasurer will require assistance in loading credits.  FRC should be responsible for the logistics around rolling this out and working to assign credits.  Divided Board around whether to make mandatory—if mandatory, looking at a $10 buyout per card if a family would prefer not to sell, plus you keep the card.  Conversely, we all pay plenty to play and if we opt not to participate, so be it.  Upside to association is roughly $3k if mandatory, uncertain otherwise. 
     Steve Krahn moved to approve that $15 from the sale of each card goes to individual player as ice credit, not to exceed that player’s total ice bill.  Nina Dojan second.  Passed following debate.
     Nina Dojan moved to require that the Dine and Discount fundraiser be mandatory and that each skater sell a minimum of 2 cards each, not to exceed 4 cards per family, or have option to buyout each card for $10 per card.  Steve Krahn second.  3 yeas/4 nays.  Motion failed.
So for those keeping score at home, not mandatory.
[Secretary yields the floor to President.]         
New Business:  
Nothing in particular, see above matters.
     Brent Eilefson moved to adjourn at 8:52 pm.  Mike Nundahl second.  Motion passed.