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2011/2012 Season

Subject: CCC Instructional Hockey Program

Dear Instructional Hockey Program Parents,
Welcome to the Chevy Chase Club Instructional Ice Hockey Program
We are looking forward to meeting your young hockey players at our first ice session on November 6th. Our goal is to have fun while introducing your children to the fundamental skills of ice hockey. Skills will include skating, puck handling, shooting, teamwork, hockey safety and basic hockey rules. Our overriding hope is that every player has a great time, learns a lot, and wants to keep on playing ice hockey.

Instructional Team Manager:  Jenny Williams 

The program will be run by Brian Rodgers and Marc Weller and have a total coaching staff of 10. Both Brian and Marc have extensive hockey experience and have coached in the Instructional program in the past. Typically, we will break practices into 6 “stations” focusing on different fundamental hockey skills. Our aim is to keep the kids moving.
Practice and Scrimmages:
Instructional Hockey meets two times per week on Monday evening from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. and Saturday morning from 6:45 – 7:45 a.m.We are extremely fortunate to have David Perry to run power skating sessions for a portion of our Monday practices.  In addition, we will be setting up cross-ice games with other instructional programs to provide the players with an opportunity to play in a game setting. The season will culminate with “The Big Game” an exciting, fun-filled CCC Instructional tradition.
The first Instructional Hockey practice is scheduled to begin the November 7th.  This is, of course, contingent on the weather cooperating with our compressors.  We will be in touch with you after receiving word from the Skate Shop staff of a more definite start date.
Basic Requirements:
Ice hockey is a challenging sport—there are a lot of new skills to learn at the same time. To ensure the skaters are ready to participate and enjoy the Instructional Hockey experience, all players must demonstrate the basic skating skills taught in beginning figure skatingclasses. Coaches will evaluate players at the beginning of the season to determine whether they are ready to participate or if a skating class would be a more appropriate place to start the season. For the new hockey skaters that are not quite ready for Instructional Hockey, the Club will be adding a group skating lesson on either Monday or Wednesday fternoons for Pre-Instructional Hockey Skating skills.  (Generally, instructional skaters should demonstrate basic skills such as how to fall and get up, forward and backward swizzles, snowplow stops, two-foot glides, one-foot glides and backward wiggles).
Evaluation Session:
On November 6th from 7:50– 9:10 a.m., we have our first ice time—an evaluation session for the players at the Gardens Ice House (GIH) in Laurel. Directions to the rink can be accessed at:   http://www.thegardensicehouse.com/directions.html.  The evaluation is important as it will help the coaches assess your child’s hockey experience and skating ability, so we can organize coaching groups for the season.  Following evaluations, players will be temporarily assigned to “teams” or groups and be provided with a colored hockey jersey. These groups are likely to change in the first few weeks of the season, so please don’t put names or numbers on their instructional jerseys until the coaches confirm that the groups have been finalized. 
Skaters should be fully dressed and ready to get on the ice by 7:40 a.m.  Coaches will be available early to help parents dress their players, but will leave the locker rooms before 7:50 to ensure we are on the ice promptly.  As a rule of thumb, you should plan on at least 20 minutes to dress your child in hockey gear.  You may find it easier to dress them in most of their equipment at home, so that when you arrive at the rink you only need to put on their skates, helmets and gloves.
When you arrive at the GIH, please check-in at the designated “Chevy Chase Club” table just inside the front door.  Jenny Williams (Jenny will be out of town - Karen Morgan will fill in), our Instructional Manager, will give you 2 white labels with your child’s last name for the front and back of his/her helmet.  She will also direct you to our designated locker room(s). If your child has a CCC jersey from last year, please have him/her wear it.  Please let Jenny know if your skater cannot attend the evaluation session.
In the interest of personal safety, the Club requires hockey players in all programs, including instructional, to wear the following equipment: helmet with cage, shoulder pads, elbow pads, protective gloves, shin guards covered with hockey socks or sweat pants, hockey pants, hockey stick (cut to the appropriate size), and of course, hockey skates.  The coaching staff will hold several sessions to walk new hockey parents through the somewhat intimidating process of dressing your young players.  By the end of the season, we hope many of the players can begin to dress themselves.  Coaches will alert parents as soon as possible of any ill-fitting or broken equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced. If you need assistance with equipment repairs or determining a proper fit, please ask one of the coaches or a member of the Skate Shop staff.

We will hold an informational meeting for all Instructional parents once the season begins at Chevy Chase.  
In the meantime, please let Brian., Marc, or Jenny know if you have any questions.