Youth lacrosse club for boys ages 6 to 15 serving all of Lee County, Florida with practices in Fort Myers and games in Naples, Estero, and Sarasota.

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Southwest Florida Youth Lacrosse League, in conjunction with US Lacrosse, believes in Honoring The Game of Lacrosse. The Sharks are determined to take proactive steps to help insure a positive culture for the sport of youth lacrosse in Southwest Florida. All players, coaches, volunteer, and parents can Honor The Game, by Respecting the Roots of Positive Play

Rules:              We refuse to bend the rules to win.
Opponents:    A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best.
Officials:         Show respect even when we disagree.
Teammates:   Never do anything to embarrass our team.
Self:                  We live up to our own standards even when others don't.

To further support our goal of Honoring the Game, the Sharks have adopted several policies and procedures to ensure an enjoyable experience for all its participants. There are as follows:


  1. Code of Conduct Policy for every person associated with the league - that includes players, coaches, volunteers, officials, parents and spectators.
  2. Zero Tolerance Policy for coaches and volunteers.

These two items are described in detail on this web site. Please review them carefully and frequently. The league strongly encourages anyone who witnesses a violation of these policies to file a report with a board member.  You may do so by e-mailing us at: . Please be aware that complaints will be considered private but not confidential. A complaint will be shared with the Board of Directors.