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It's Just T-Ball ... and much, much more!

The Boys and Girls Club of Redding-Easton defines the approach to our T-Ball Program with two simple statements:

It's Just T-Ball!
We don’t keep score at T-Ball games. No one strikes out. Everybody bats and plays the field. And everyone gets a “hit” and scores a run … every inning. It’s ALL GOOD! Our first priority is to ensure that every one of our kids is comfortable and enjoying the positive experience of learning the simple basics of the game.

We just want our children to have fun playing T-Ball. In fact, we expect our children to have fun. Lots of fun! We want Friday and Saturday afternoons to be the highlight of their week. We want T-Ball to be something our kids and their parents remember as a fun, positive experience for years to come.  Why is fun so important? 

Because ...

It's NOT Just T-Ball!
Our T-Ball Program is the entry point into Redding Cal Ripken Youth Baseball and Redding-Easton Little League Softball programs, which means it is the lifeblood for the future of baseball and softball in Redding.

The little boy who today doesn’t know first base from third base this spring, could be a starting pitcher for the Joel Barlow Varsity 10 years from now … or the girl who put her glove on the wrong hand today could hit a home run in a U12 sectional all-star tournament six years from now. You never know, unless they both have a positive experience this season and return for more next year.

Simply put, we want to continue to build baseball and softball programs that get our kids excited about the game and get their parents committed to encouraging them.  And it all starts with T-Ball.

More importantly, Redding T-Ball is for many kids the first introduction to essential social concepts including teamwork, friendship and sportsmanship. Encouraging and instilling these ideas in our children is also part of the fun.

So, yes, it’s just T-Ball.  But it’s also about building a future for baseball and softball in Redding-Easton, and helping our children reach their potential. Our T-Ball Program takes this responsibility very seriously.


We are dedicated to making sure your child enjoys a great sports experience! 



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