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 The Cooper Shepard Fund was established to honor the memory of Cooper
Shepard.  "Coop" was a Reston Raider player who was killed in an auto
accident.  The Fund was created to provide opportunities for youngsters to
participate in Reston Raiders.  Players who but for the scholarships offered
by the Fund would otherwise be unable to afford to play hockey are the
intended beneficiaries of the Fund.

Since its inception, the Fund has been managed by a Committee which has been
guided by the following principles:

*  Applicants for scholarships must be members of Reston Raiders in good

*  Applicants must demonstrate a genuine need for scholarship assistance in order
to be able to play hockey

*  Applicants and their families should have demonstrated a commitment to
Reston Raiders

Scholarships are available each year and the Committee typically awards
scholarships at the beginning of each year (usually in late August or early

Scholarships for any individual player are limited to the amount of the House fees for the player's age. 
While we recognize that some situations of need are more persistent than
others, priority in the award of scholarships is afforded to those with
needs which are the result of incidental or unexpected situations, e.g., job
loss, domestic difficulties, etc.    

In assessing need, priority is afforded to applicants who seek to play in
the House program.  And, consideration is also given to an applicant's
participation in other hockey related activities for which scholarships are
not available in evaluating applications. 

The Committee currently consists of Chairman John Sherlock and several active and former Raider coaches. 
Inquiries should be addressed to