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Minutes for Board Meeting 12-05-07
CALL TO ORDER:             7:33
ATTENDANCE: Kevin Olimpia, Dave Gotz, Don Nathlich, Rick Marks, Mark Gonsalves, Kelvin Friedel, George Kirkland, Barry Bruns, Mei-Mei Stark, Carl Steigerwald, Juan Jones, Doug Stark, Sue Edwards, Robert Zorovic, Dave Rostrator, Lorraine Kalich, Dave Wetmore, Russ Delonzor, Hugh Arvesen
  1. Power point presentation by Juan and Kevin.
  1. Introduced special guest Dave Wetmore, District 57 Administrator.
  1. Discussed last weekend tryouts. Consensus it ran smooth. We should use Bollinger School every year. We had both fields and use of part of the multipurpose room for sign-ups and spirit wear sales.
  1. Spirit wear sales $1,000 for the day.
  1. We will send thank you letters and flowers to all the school staff who helped us. 
  1. Tryouts concerns Mei-Mei Stark had a handful of parents not sure about league age vs. actually age at signups. We will contact sportability to see if they can put league ages when registering.
  1. Letter of complaint was sent to Little League in Riverside. Following major points from letter:
Ø     Pre selected Coach rule change for majors draft
Ø     Majors Giants team with most returning players
Ø     2008 CCLL Board Membership Composition.
Ø     Protest Committee Viability.
  1. Canyon Creek Little League Board of Directors rebuttal to the letter:
Ø     Majors draft format was approved by District 57 Administrator
Ø     Major Giants have 2 returning players
Ø     2008 CCLL Board Compostion 50% active coaches / managers
Ø     Protest Committee consists of (none are mrgs. / coaches in CCLL)
                     Ken Williams---“Represents the Rules”
                     Mei-mei Stark—“Represents the Parents”
                     Mark Gonsalves-“Represents the Players”
ADJORN:    8:45
SUBMITTED: Mark Gonsalves, Secretary