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Minutes for Board Meeting 10-28-08
CALL TO ORDER:             7:15
ATTENDANCE: Kevin Olimpia, Don Nathlich, Mark Gonsalves, George Kirkland, Mei-Mei Stark, Robert Zorovic, Francesca Thacher, Rick Marks, Tim Waterson, Dave Gotz and Hugh Arvesen
  1. Presidents Report: Kevin
a. Presidents meeting, dedicated to player agent Francie and George attended. 
b. Do not promise a manager / coach a specific team. We have a procedure in
    Place for choosing mgrs. / coaches.
c. Deadline for registration is 10/31. Executive board will look at numbers on
    10-30 to determine if we need to keep registration open a few extra days.
  1. Financial Report: Don  
a. Handed out final budget for 2008, cash balance as of 10/26/08 $73,183.63.
b. Also handed out a CCLL balance sheet history from 2002-2008. 
  1. Registrar, Kevin
a. Discussed if our marketing strategies were successful. We need to continue
    sending blast emails to all former CCLL players.
b. as of today 323 players registered.
  1. Player Agent: Francie
a. looking for volunteers for tryouts.
b. need someone help Doug Stark run the warm-up part of tryouts
Sponsorship Director:             Nicole Jung
  1. Discussed registration for the 2009 season.   We will only use online registration
Registration will open on 10-1.
  1. Information Officer / Website: Hugh
a. Online reg running ok
b. Website will now allow a payment process.
  1. Head Team Parent, Mei-Mei:
a. Working on a new volunteer refund process for 2009. Recommendations,
     paperless, set dates. Hugh and Mei-Mei will check to see if new website
                 can handle this.
  1. Hit-A-Thon:   Kevin
a. Kevin was contacted by an individual who is interested in running sponsorship
     he will look at hit-a-thon for 09 season as a fundraiser
  1. Insurance for lights at CP:
a. Mark will contact some insurance carries to see about decreasing the policy for
    light at CP3.   light standards are to short for little league standards thus an
    “extra” policy is required by the city.
  1. Financial Aide Policy: George:
a. Executive board voted on a financial aide policy which was outlined to the
    entire board. There are 2 parts: First:
Ø     We will accept monthly payments for registration. They must be paid by the first day of the season. Hugh believes the new web site will handle this process.
Ø     Financial scholarships offered to individuals who request thru league president . Criteria established must meet HUD numbers for income to receive either 100% or 50% off registration.
ADJORN:    9:30
SUBMITTED: Mark Gonsalves, Secretary