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Minutes for Board Meeting 02-24-09
CALL TO ORDER:             7:05
ATTENDANCE: Kevin Olimpia, Dave Gotz, Don Nathlich, , Mark Gonsalves, George Kirkland, Carl Steigerwald, Tim Waterson, Robert Zorovic, Mei-Mei Stark, Kelvin Friedel, Lorraine Kalich, Dall Barley, Rick Marks, Juan Jones.
1. Presidents Report:
Ø     Interleague:        Majors—play each team once
                              AAA—random schedule
                              AA—no interleague games scheduled
                              All games will count in the standings
Ø     New box at Gail Ranch donated by Doug Stark.
2. Information Website:
Ø     Hugh Arveson resigned as Web guru. George will take over until someone can be found.
3. Field Report:
Ø     Twin Creeks closing on6/15/09 for construction of new MPR.
Ø     City will no longer pickup or deliver chalk to fields, due to budget cuts.
Ø     City will develop maintenance schedule for all fields.
4. Financial Report:
Ø     Welcome back Don.
Ø     Don handed out interest /expense, $223,464 (on 2/23/09 in bank).
5. UIC Report:
Ø     SRUA- more umpires than games at AA increase in adult umpires this year.
Ø     New requirenments for umpires, must Attend all 3:
Field mechanics clinic
Game management clinic
Rules clinic
6. Equipment Report:
Ø     All equipment distributed to teams.
Ø     Doug Stark new equipment director
Ø     Rick Suggested we look for a another person to help out, this is a two person job.
7. Uniform Report:
Ø     All uniforms distributed to teams. (missing 2 sets hopefully delivered prior to sat.)
8. Safety Report:
Ø     Safety report approved by Williamsport.
Ø     Robert will update boxes with proper safety equipment
Ø     1 reported injury.
9. Division Reports:
Ø     nothing new too report thing running smoothly for opening day at all levels.
10. Mid-Season Classic:
Ø     Kate Sweet-Kahn will run the tournament
Ø     Scheduled for week following spring break
Ø     All championship games at CP
Ø     Will include home run derby, 12 year old appreciation, and BBQ’s.
11. Training:
Ø     Get Up And Go clinics are completed.
Ø     No Scheduled team training in feb. / march
Ø     We will reevaluate the need during season.
12. New Business:
Ø     House rules for 2009 season. Posted on website. SRLL will follow same house rules.
Ø     Additional Coaches: Motioned and Seconded. CCLL Will allow a 4th alternate coach for coaches conflicts. Manager must contact division directors if alternate coach will be used prior to the game. Manager’s must submit names to division directors within 2 weeks of feb.24, 2009 for approval by Board. Motion carried.
Ø     Publicity- news papers may no longer print scores or names. We will continue to post scores and highlights on website.
Ø     Score Keepers clinic scheduled for 3-5-09 7:30-8:30 at Bollinger MPR.
ADJORN: 9:25
SUBMITTED: Mark Gonsalves, Secretary