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GLossary for Boys’ Lacrosse 

CHECKING The act of attempting to dislodge the ball from an opponent’s stick. 


CLEARING Running or passing the ball from the defensive half of the field to the offensive half of the field. 


CRADLING The coordinated motion of the arms and wrists that keeps the ball secure in the pocket and ready to be 

                       passed or shot when running. 

CREASE The circle around the goal with a radius of nine feet into which only defensive players may enter. Defensive

                      players may not take the ball into the crease – only the goalie. 


EXTRA MAN OFENSE (EMO): A man advantage that results from a time-serving penalty by the other team. 


GROUND BALL  A loose ball on the playing field. 

MAN DOWN DEFENSE The situation that results from a time-serving penalty which causes the defense to 

                                             play with at least a one-man disadvantage. 

ON - THE - FLY SITUATION A substitution made during play. 

PICK  An offensive maneuver in which a stationary player attempts to block the path of a defender guarding another 

           offensive player. 

PLAY ON If a player commits a loose-ball technical foul or crease violation and an offended player may be

                      disadvantaged by the immediate suspension of play, the official shall visually and verbally signal “play on” 

                     and withhold the whistle until such time as the situation of advantage, gained or lost, has been completed. 


RELEASE The term used by an official to notify a penalized player in the box that he may re-enter the game occurs at

                         the conclusion of a time-serving penalty. 


RIDING The act of trying to prevent a team from clearing the ball from the offensive half to the defensive half of the