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KCYLL Meeting Minutes
September 30, 2009
In attendance:
Holly Milledge
Mike Lettera
Randy Kurt
Jeremiah Ryden
Janos Glynn
Hunter Anderson
Pierre Barbeau – Leawood/St.Michael’s Team
Joe Vasta
Pennie Vasta
Dan Hapke
Greg Goss
Rich Hilliard
Seamus McEnerney
Meeting was called to order by President Mike Lettera.
Minutes from previous meetings were approved and adopted.
US Lacrosse Chapter has been approved and will go into affect January 2010.
The Great Plains Chapter of US Lacrosse will fall under the 501 C3 of US Lacrosse.
This will empower the area to grow lacrosse in Kansas City.
Mark Eimer is having photo shoots. The web site will be on the poster as well as a small amount of verbiage. The poster will be approximately 22 x 28. We can put up in schools and other locations. Mark and Mike are working on printers who can give us a discount.
We will discuss quantities and possibly have something to review at our next meeting.
Board Positions:
The motion was made to nominate Janos Glynn for Treasurer. It was 2nd and voted on. All were in favor. Janos has been a small business owner, is familiar with QuickBooks, and the responsibilities. Janos will head up the Blue Valley youth team with Jeremiah Ryden this spring.
The motion was made to nominate Rich Hilliard for Vice President. It was 2nd and voted on. All were in favor. Rich has worked for the NCAA, Legal counsel for Arena Football and is now in the property management business. He has three children involved in lacrosse. High school and youth.
Greg Goss will update the web site with new board members and contact information.
He will also hold a training session sometime before spring for one to two people from each team to learn the web site.
We have contracted with Call the Game to run our officials for boys’ youth games this spring. Girls will make a decision shortly, but most likely they are not in need of the Call the Game yet. With only 4 – 6 teams, they might be in good shape as is. High School girls are interested in using Call the Game. Call the Game has been given the list of our refs last year. Dan will go over this list with John and tell him who we would recommend, showed up consistently ect.
John has set up a clinic with Eric Olsen of ESB for Sunday officiating.
Call the Game is also officiating an October 8th scrimmage between Blue Valley and Northland. He has had overwhelming response for people wanting to officiate lacrosse this spring.
The rules committee will go over with John what his refs are responsible. Teams are responsible for score keeping; refs will also keep score and keep track of penalties.
Girls Lacrosse:
There will be 5 or 6 teams for youth girls. PV and Northland are hoping to start teams.
Girls will sign up through KCYLL web site as well.
We will put posters up at St. Paul’s and Pembroke to encourage girls to play on the girls teams. Teams should consist of 16 and low 20s maximum.
We have 2 to 3 fields at Nu Marc.
Shawnee Mission East, we have the Turf Field on Sundays 12- 5:30. $723.00 for six Sundays. The High School team has 2 Sundays reserved.
Jeremiah Ryden contacting Blackbob. $30 an hour.
Holly contacting the Merrill’s about Bishop Miege.
Vasta’s contacting Blue Valley to see if any of their turf fields are available.
Randy Kurt will be contacting Barstow.
The Constitution review will be postponed until Rich and Pierre re able to review. They will meet separately to go over. We are a non for profit LLC.
We reviewed the bylaws and it has been sent out under separate cover from Mike.
Next Meeting:
November 18, 6:30 Lee Company.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM