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***DYSA is currently participating in Coastal Youth Soccer League both in the Fall and Spring.  Please refer to the Spring Coastal page for further info HERE***



Fall Soccer Program Overview
Info for Parents & Coaches

Posted 9/8/2009
Updated 9/2/2013

The fall program is a developmental league.  The fall program is organized to promote the development of the player’s individual and team skills in a competitive and enjoyable environment. It is also an opportunity for coaches to develop their abilities as a youth soccer coach.

Game are on Saturdays, against other teams within the town.  The season begins in early September and runs through early November. No games are played over the Columbus Day weekend. All practices, clinics & games are played at the Ray Coppens Soccer Complex on Chandler Street. The format is 7 vs. 7 (six field players and a goalkeeper) for U10 & U12; 8 vs. 8 (up to 11 v 11) for U14; and games consist of two 30- minute halves.

A complete set of game rules is distributed at the coaches meeting and is available on the duxburyyouthsoccer.org website.

The field naming conventions are:
S1= South Field by the concession stand
N1= North Field by the baseball field
S2 = South Field near the Chandler Street entrance
N2= North Field near Chandler Street

Teams have been named to represent various soccer playing countries from around the world.

All players must wear shin guards covered by socks. No jewelry; no casts.  Taping over of jewelry is not allowed.

First aid kits are kept in the concession stand.

Field usage – The team bench areas are between the fields (midfield of the large fields). Only players, coaches and board members should be in these areas during the games. Parents and spectators should stand on the opposite side of the fields or sit in the bleachers. This will help limit the wear and tear on our fields.

Coaches should bring a small trash bag to each game. All families and coaches are required to maintain litter free fields.

Practices in the fall are optional and we encourage you to direct your players to the weekly skills clinics offered each week.

Coaches may hold their own practice in addition to the clinics; if they do so, the coach must confirm their time with the .

During warm ups, please keep your players out of the goal areas to reduce the wear and tear on this part of the field.

Keep your players off the nets and goal posts. Duxbury enjoys the finest soccer fields on the South Shore. Please help us maintain our fields!

Postponements. Every attempt is made to play all the games on the schedule; however, make-up games are almost impossible to schedule. In the event of bad weather, the Field Coordinator will make the decision to cancel games if the fields are not playable. Postponements will be posted as practical on the duxburyyouthsoccer.org website.  The coaches will be notified as early as possible by the age group coordinators. If in doubt, call the concession stand (781 585-2159).

Games. Each game is scheduled for 30-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime break. There is little time or space for extensive pre-game warm-ups. Games must start and end on time. In order to maximize your playing time, please consider the following:

a) Have your team arrive early at the Coppens Complex to stretch and warm up in an area away from the playing fields.
b) Have your team at the designated field and ready to start at least 10 minutes before your scheduled game time.
c) A referee should be on your field at game time. If there is no referee, please send someone to the referee shed to the left of the concession stand to notify a board member on duty.
d) When the game is over, have your teams shake hands and move your team from the bench area to allow the next teams on to the field. Address your post game comments on the sidelines. Pick up your litter!

Equal playing time.  Rosters are limited in size in order to maximize a player’s time on the field. No player should play an entire game without substitution unless his or her team has no substitutes. Playing time for all players shall be equal. If short on players, it is permissible to “borrow” players from your opponent. Consult the coach first! Goalkeepers can only play one half time. Lopsided scores are unacceptable.

Treatment of Players. Players should be encouraged through positive reinforcement at all times by coaches, parents and teammates. Mistakes should be tolerated and improvement encouraged. It is the responsibility of the coach to promote this positive approach at all levels.

Treatment of Referees. DYSA supports a zero tolerance program in abusive language and actions against referees. Our young referees are using this time for development as well. If you need to complain about a referee, please see a board member. We will follow up with the individual in a positive manner. If you feel a referee has done a good job, please be sure to compliment that individual. Our goal is not only to produce the finest soccer players but also the best referees.

Coaches Evaluation of players. As part of our player development program, Coaches will be asked to evaluate their players after the 3rd game of the season. Please complete these and turn them in to your Age Group Coordinator by the third game of the fall season. These evaluations are used in part to select players for the U-12, “C”, and U-14 “B” travel teams for the spring season.

Coach Development – Be sure to attend the soccer training skills sessions with your team. This program is intended to develop both players and coaches. For addtional ideas on coaching, DYSA has donated an extensive collection of soccer videotapes and books to the Duxbury Public Library via the Ray Coppens Memorial fund. 

Volunteers for the Concession Stand. We ask that one parent from each team that is playing on field S1 (closest to the concession stand) help work the stand during that game. It ‘s fun, it’s warmer and dryer than outside and it frees up Board members for evaluations and field supervision. Please help.  Contact our .

Communications.  Messages for the DYSA Board members can be left at the concession stand. DYSA also maintains a comprehensive web site at www.DuxburyYouthSoccer.org

Have Fun. You, your players and your fans must have fun. If you have any problems, or encounter a situation that you are not sure how to handle, please seek out a DYSA board member at the concession stand. If you have comments, complaints or praise about the program, please let us know.