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Herndon Optimist Youth Travel Basketball League Philosophy
  • Be physically fit
  • Be enthusiastic and have fun
  • Always exhibit “sportsmanship”
  • Learn basketball skills & rules
  • Learn the meaning of "total team play"
Player development is our priority. Although we encourage each player to concentrate on a primary and secondary position, we don't train specific positions--we train basketball players. The long-range goal is to develop each player into a versatile athlete who has the skill and knowledge to play basketball at a high level of competition. This requires creating a program of skill acquisition based on developing specific skills, learning when and how to use a skill, making decisions on the court, combining skills with players on the team for effective team strategies, making transitions, and maintaining team focus.

Winning is always more fun than losing; but our goal is for each player to reach their fullest potential by giving a maximum effort. If winning follows a maximum effort, so much the better. Playing time is not guaranteed, but rather is earned on the basis of attitude, practice attendance, practice effort, team play, ability and game effort. Unexcused absences from practice and/or games may affect playing time.

Players--are expected to be ready to play at each practice and game on time and with the proper equipment. Each player is important to the team; we need everyone at practices in order for individuals and the team to develop their respective skills. If you are unable to make a practice or a game, please call your Coach in advance. Since practice time is limited, each player is expected to do some conditioning and skill work outside of practice. Additionally, players must do their schoolwork, as basketball is a “thinking game” which requires constant thought on the court. Players are expected to listen attentively at all times to the coaches--players should be at practice and games to play basketball--not goof around. It is important to remember that teams tend to play the way they practice, so a maximum effort is needed at every practice. Teams win and teams lose, so support your teammates. Basketball is an aggressive game and players are expected to play that way within the rules of the game. Failing to give your best effort hurts not only you, but your teammates as well.

Parents--are expected to be supportive of the team, offer only encouraging words, not coaching from the sidelines and make sure players attend all practices and games. It is very important that players be on time at both practices and games. If you have transportation difficulties, please make arrangements in advance with other team parents.

Coaches--are expected to assist players in being physically fit, learning the game of basketball, increasing the players' individual basketball skills, teaching "total team play", all in a positive and exciting environment. Our goal as coaches is for the players to eventually play with only limited coaching from the bench, making their own decisions on the court, anticipating and initiating offensive and defensive match-ups on their own.