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Summer 2010

Summit Jr. Baseball's "13 and 14U SUMMER LEAGUE" is opened to players  currently in 8th grade or 7th Grade players who meet the current age guidelines which is a birthdate between 04-30-95 and 04-30-97.  This is a competitive program designed for enthusiastic and committed baseball players.  Please read below for new program details!




As you know, summer baseball evaluations for 13U and 14U will be held at Wilson Field on Sunday, May 2 at 4 PM. In that regard, we have a couple of exciting announcements about the structure of play for 13U and 14U baseball this summer.

14U Baseball

We are happy to announce some new and exciting opportunities for 14U baseball players.    Summit HS coach Kevin Zaleski is seeking to raise the competitive bar for those 14U players that hopefully will be continuing on in the Summit HS baseball program in future years.     To further that objective, select 14U players will be given the opportunity to play on the Summit 15U American Legion team this summer, which will also consist of
 15U players already at Summit HS.   Larry Cohen, currently an assistant with the Summit Middle School team, will be coaching this 15U team.   We are lucky to have Larry serving in this capacity.  He brings a wealth of baseball experience to this role and a great enthusiasm for teaching kids the game of baseball.

14U evaluations this weekend will serve as a basis for determining those select 14U players that will be asked to play on the 15U American Legion team.  Larry and Ike Welsh (the Summit Middle School coach) will be conducting these evaluations.  Coach Zaleski will be in attendance as well. We expect that approximately 8 to 10 14U players will be asked to
participate on the 15U team.  There is an addition cost for this program TBA.  Potentially eligible players that do not attend one of the evaluation sessions will not be given an opportunity to participate on the 15U team.

Combination 13U/14U Select Team

The remaining 14U players that register for the summer program will be placed on a combination 13U/14U select team that we expect will participate in the 14U Cal Ripken Tournament as well as the Central Jersey All-Star League this summer. This will provide the boys with a highly competitive summer program at this age level.    There is an addition cost of $50 for this program for those who make the team.

The team will be rounded out by selected 13U players that are looking for an opportunity to accept Coach Zaleski's challenge to play the most competitive baseball possible this summer.  The number of 13U players that are selected for this team will depend on the number 14U players that are selected to play 15U American Legion baseball from among the pool of 14U players. We expect this combination team will consist of 12 to 14 players. 

We are pleased to announce that Leroy Horn, Summit HS's freshman baseball coach and a Summit HS graduate, will coach this combination 13U/14U team. Leroy also brings a wealth of baseball coaching experience and teaching enthusiasm to this role.  We are lucky to have him serving in this capacity.   He is looking forward to working with and getting to know as many of the 13U and 14U players as possible. 

Larry Cohen and Ike Welsh will also be conducting the 13U evaluations for purposes of determining which of these 13Us will be selected to play on this combination team.  The team will be selected by Coach Horn in consultation with the SJBB Summer Travel Baseball Committee.   Potentially eligible players that do not attend one of the evauation sessions will not be given an opportunity to participate on this team.

13U Only Baseball

This tournament team will consist of those 13U players that are not selected to play on (or do not opt to try out for) the combination 13U/14U team.   This team will compete in the 13U Cal Ripken Tournament 
as well as the  North Jersey All-Star League.  This team will be coached by any of several parents that may have boys that participate on this team.  In that regard, there are a number of highly experienced coaches that we are considering for this role.  This coaches will be determined after the combination 13U/14U team is determined.

In the event that registration numbers warrant, a selection process may apply for this team as well, in which case a third team (that would compete in the 13U New Providence Green
League) may be created.   We will do everything that we can to ensure that all interested boys have an opportunity to play baseball this summer.

The SJBB Summer Travel Committee and Coach Zaleski believe this is an important step in the continuing improvement in the competitiveness of our baseball program here in Summit.   It will afford many of these boys the opportunity to be exposed to professional high school coaching techniques and philosophies provided by people who have a wealth of experience teaching this game to young men.    It will also ensure that all of the boys at these age levels are given the opportunity to play summer baseball at an appropriately competitive level.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Summer Baseball Committee