Attention 2004 and 2005 birth year parents:

Mid Fairfield will hold its Mite B identification skate on August 29th from 10:30-11:40 at Stamford Twin Rinks for 2004 and advanced 2005 birth year kids.

In the past, this team/age group played as our Mite C team. However, to comply with the new CT Hockey Conference rules for Mite hockey development, all Mite C/3rd travel teams across the state have been eliminated with the exception of Tier I programs and programs with 125 or more Mite age kids. The rationale for this change was to ensure that organizations/programs are focusing their time and resources on skills development with their younger age kids. This philosophy is something that Mid Fairfield strongly endorses and is integral to our current Mite development program and teams.

This program is designed as an introduction to competitive travel hockey with a strong emphasis on skills development in practices and through small space, cross ice games. These are a key component of USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM) initiative being introduced across the country including here in Connecticut in 2010.

To maximize the experience for our kids we plan to roster between 20 and 25 players. This will allow us to run efficient cross ice games on our own in addition to when we combine with other local programs per CHC's rules for Mite programs. We will also enter two teams in the Stamford Twin Rinks Big Cat league which will provide an opportunity for full ice games throughout the year but with a smaller roster allowing for more ice time and more touches of the puck per kid.

Importantly, with 20-25 kids on the roster we will also have more than enough coaches on the ice to work with and instruct the kids. Trask Pfeifle will be handling duties as the "head coach/manager" for the team but will have a lot of help from other qualified parent coaches including Lance Marciano, Rick DellaRusso and Chris Briggs.

If the coaches identify your son or daughter as being ready for this program, you can expect 1-2 weekend slots per week from early September through March. 

How to Register (please read before registering): 

1.     Please click here to begin registration for the Mite B Identification Skate

2.     If you already have a Mid Fairfield account, login with your email address and password you used.  If you forgot your password, enter only your email address and the system will email you your password. If you forgot or changed your email, please email for assistance 

3.     If you do not already have a Mid Fairfield account, enter only your email address.  The system will email you a temporary password. When you receive the password, login with your email address and the temporary password.  

4.     On the next screen, enter your personal information as parent/guardian (do not enter the player's information yet -- you will do that next). If you already have a Mid Fairfield account, most of this information will already be filled in. Please make any corrections needed. Leave the space for the USA Hockey registration number blank.  

5.     Next, enter the player's information. Leave the space for the USA Hockey registration number blank at this time.  

6.     Next, complete the registration questionnaire, download, print and sign the USA Hockey Consent to treat and Code of Conduct forms.Also confirm your agreement to the Mid Fairfield waiver and code of conduct.  

7.     On the next screen, complete payment by clicking on the payment button. IMPORTANT: You are not officially registered until you pay, and unpaid registrations will be automatically deleted. Print and sign your registration confirmation and print your payment receipt. Bring both documents along with your signed USA Hockey Consent to Treat and Code fo Conduct to the Skate.  

8.   For questions about registration, please email

Click here to begin registration for the Mite B Identification Skate