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Website Hints

This page provides helpful hints for parents regarding use of this website.

Team Pages

Schedules are managed online under Team Pages.  If visiting for the first time, choose the season, program (WHS, boys, girls), and then select the team. 
  • News: Your coach can post bulletins to the team here
  • Contacts: lists coaches and assistant coaches
  • Schedule: shows practice and game schedule in list format
  • Calendar: shows practice and game schedule in a monthly calendar format
  • Rosters: are not visible to the public for our youth program - you'll get this info from your coach
  • Results: some coaches may track wins/loss online, most do not.
  • Multi-Schedule: This is very useful if you have multiple children in the program and wish to download or print a schedule or calendar that includes all of their activities in a single view.  The first time you look at a calendar everything will be flagged with a flashing "New" marker.  After that, the new marker gets reset and goes away until your coach makes a change to the schedule.
To create a bookmark for your team page, click the icon that looks like three chain links together, shown below.

Coaches can post bulletins and send emails to the team through the website.  Please do not ask the coach to add/update emails - parents should update their own contact info via the "Edit My Account" link (bottom left of home page).

Outlook Schedule/Calendar Synchronization:Ical Calendar Subscription

If you use MS-Outlook, you can subscribe to our calendar for updates as they occur.  This is better than a one-time import since it will automatically update your local calendar as our website schedule changes.  You can also then synch it to your cell phone etc.
  1. Go to your team page schedule
  2. Click the icon near the top that looks like a calendar.  The flyover text says "subscribe to an iCal feed for this schedule"
  3. Click "Allow"
  4. On the next screen, if you have more than one child in the progam, click "Advanced" and change the folder name to something more descriptive like your child's name or the team name.  Click Ok.  It will create another calendar folder in Outlook and refresh it automatically as our schedules change.

Above works with Outlook 2007, earlier versions may work too but maybe differently.  There are other sharing options there for facebook, etc.

Not getting emails?

If you have registered for any one of our programs in the past and are not getting our emails:

  1. Please check your spam/junk mail folder.  Add "" and "" as valid senders. 
  2. Someone in your family may have clicked the 'opt-out' link at the bottom of one of our emails.  Please click Edit My Account on the left.  Check each family member's "Participant Information" screen and make sure the "no email" field (shown below) is unchecked.

  3. Remember to update your account when your email changes.  You can login using the old email address then change it once logged in.  If you forgot your password leave it blank and click submit - the system will send it you.  We suggest that for children you add multiple email addresses since sometimes messages are targeted to specific genders and age groups.

Forgot Password?

When trying to login to edit my account, if you forgot your password you can leave it blank and try any email you typically use.  If the email is in our database, it will send you a message containing your login password.

Practice/Game Reminders

When you click Edit my Account, you can login and adjust your settings.  For each family member you can turn on/off the reminders for practices or games.  If you have multiple family members in the program be sure to check each one. 

Players are assigned to teams (Team Page) and in some cases more than one.  Your coach maintains the schedule, which is associated with the team page.

Cell Phone Txt Messaging

The system has the capability to send SMS messages to your cell phone, if you enable it.  This feature is incredibly helpful for last minute cancellations, field changes, clarifications on field directions, and reminders (see above).

When you click Edit my Account, you can login and adjust your settings.  For each family member, next to the cell phone number field is a service provider dropdown list.  You need to select your service provider for each cell phone/family member in order to enable this service.


Our online schedule includes links to the field location.  We have been working continuously to build up our database of field locations to include driving directions for all home and away fields.  If the location is "TBD" please ask your coach to update the schedule.