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A 7v7 League For High School And Adult players 


Games will start on Sept 22rd, 2018

Come join us for fall ball!  We will play a 7v7 format for high school and adult players.  You can register as set teams or as individuals.  If you register as an individual then you will be placed on a team.  If you are younger you can register for our Desert StiX or Desert Heat programs. 


Get the facts on Fall Ball: 

Where: 7v7 games will be played at multiple locations across the valley.  See game dates below:

When:  Every Saturday: starting on September 22rd -October 27th. We will skip October 13th. 
Cost: You can register as a team (if you have your own) or an individual (if you want to be placed on a team).  Cost is $50 per player. 
Time:  All players are to arrive 30mins prior to game time to warm-up!  Games will be 30-45min in length.  Once we get closer to our start date we will inform you on exact times. 

Registration Details:

How to Register as an Individual:

If you do not already have a team and want to play, you will register on our HOUSE TEAM.  The House Team is made up of individual players that could not find a permanent team to play on.  We will place you on a team and send you more information on your team and schedule as we get closer.  

For more questions on the House Team please email us at 


How to Register as a Team:

Minimal Slots Available Per Division - First Come First Serve! 

  • Step 1: Designate a team manager for your team and get a minimum of 8 players (one person to play in goal).  Come up with a team name and a team color (only solid colors).

  • Step 2: The team manager will then register the team by using the links below (there is no cost to do this step):

  • Step 3: After you are registered as a team a member of the AZGL staff must manually add your team to the team registration page.  If your team is not showing up, please send an email to to add your team.  Then you will have all players register selecting your team name.   Each player will be charged $50 individually.
  • Step 4: Submit your roster to on or before September 15th using our roster template Click here



  • Teams shall consist of a minimum of 8 players per roster including a goalie but suggest 10-12 player roster so you don't have to deal with finding subs if a player is missing.
  • Teams will be responsible for their own uniforms.  Teams must register their solid team color and have numbers on the back (homemade jerseys are acceptable please try to have 8 inches for the number on the back).   
  • Teams may be allowed to use sub-players. However, these players must register PRIOR to game day and cost is $10 per game if they are not already registered with a team.  If the sub is registered with another team, then they do not need to pay as long as your team has a full roster of 8 players originally registered with your team.   Teams are responsible to provide a full team on game days so please communicant with your team prior to showing up. 
  • A goalkeeper from another team may substitute for a team missing its goalkeeper as long as they are already registered.  If they are not registered, they must register prior to playing and pay the $10 sub fee. 
  • All teams are recommended to have a adult team manager on the sideline at all times. Teams may “self-coach” but every team should have an adult on the bench. Adult player/managers are acceptable. Each team must also provide a scorekeeper to run the scoreboard should we need them.
  • All teams are required to designate a Team Manager. The Team Manager may be a player, and will be responsible for all league correspondence, providing the team roster to by Sept 15th, making sure all players are individually registered, contacting team members about league issues, changes in schedule or league rule changes, is the contact for any disputes within the league, with another team or with AZGL, and will be the team contact for the dissemination of league information throughout the season. The Team Manager should designate themselves as such on the registration form and team roster.
  • All Team Managers must send in a complete list of players on their team roster before Sept 15th.  Please use the roster template Click here