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Coastal League U10 Jamboree @ Duxbury - June 8, 2013
Information for Referees
Posted May 25, 2012

Each June, the Duxbury U-10 teams hosts the Under 10 Soccer Jamboree for the Coastal Soccer League.   For those who have never participated it is a terrifically fun and exciting event with approximately 115 boys and girls soccer teams coming to Duxbury for a day of soccer games.  All of the U10 teams will be here and every U10 team will play in three short but intense games over a 3 hour period.   

If you have not yet already, you will need to read Information For All Jamboree Participants, as much of the info you will need as well.

Attention Town Coordinators:
If you have young referees that would like to come and work games, please contact DYSA's referee coordinator at

Location -- The U10 Jamboree takes place at the Coppens Field Complex at Chandler Elementary School on Chandler St. in Duxbury.

Parking: We encourage people to park in the parking lots of Chandler School.  Lots are available adjacent to fields, and on all sides of the school, including the rear of the school.

On street parking is available, but we ask that if you park on Chandler Street you only park on the "field" side of the street.  Do not park on the "Houses" side. 

Games are played starting on each half hour.  Referees should be at/on assigned fields 15 minutes early and ready to begin play, All games will start on time, and will be timed at the concession stand.  The sooner your game starts the more playing time you will get. 

Jamboree Game Schedules are posted here. They are nearly final, but are subject to additional changes; please check back often, up to the Jamboree date.

Referee Game Guidelines: Jambo games aren't much different than regular games.  Some things to remember to call a good consistent game:

- Games are roughly 25 minutes long get them started as soon as possible.  
- Time will be kept in the concession stand to insure all games stay on time.  
- 5 minutes between games.  
- Do not need to collect rosters or pass cards just check safety.
- One Center referee, no ARs
- Coin toss decides who gets ball first that’s it. (if running late give it to the first team who is ready)
- Let the teams line up on whatever side they like.
Start as soon as the teams are ready.
- The midfield rules regarding Goalkeepers releasing the ball and Goal Kicks are in effect (Indirect kick where the ball went over half)
- Offsides shall be called. Keep your eyes moving and keep mental note of player position.
- Make sure coaches do not get out of hand. I doubt cards will be necessary but if they are necessary then they should be given. Please find a coordinator if you need assistance.
- Have fun!

Referee Check-In
- Referee tent will be located between the fields by the Kickboard, that is also where you check in.
- Referee Coordinator for the day will be Ian Wyllie or a field coordinator
- Make sure you check in with him 20 minutes before your first game.  

Referee Game Assignments
The referee game assignment schedule is available on the Referee schedule page, here.

If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact us at  .