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 Watch and Learn


For our young players we have to try and create as many “teachable moments” as possible.  Encourage your players to watch as much lacrosse as they can.  In our ever expanding world of cable, and satellite offerings there are lacrosse lessons everywhere.  Right here in your neighborhood your players can watch and learn from high school players who were themselves playing NVYLL lacrosse not too long ago.


It’s surprising how few take advantage of the abundance of games available to our youth lacrosse players (and coaches).  The ESPN family of networks carry games on ESPN2 or ESPNU just about every weekend.  CBS College Sports network and MASN does the same.  Ask your cable or satellite provider about the service.


Watching a college game your players will see the game played as it is intended to be played.  Coaches sometimes mention that they think their players will pick up bad habits watching college players.  This is not the case.  Watch a Hopkins player endure the wrath of Coach Petramala after an ill advised shot or check!  Your players can see that even at the highest levels, that there are sometimes unforced errors. They can observe how quickly the Extra Man units move the ball.  They can see how hard players go after loose balls on the ground.  There are tons of things for your players to pick up and absorb.  When a big time college attackman rips a shot from low to high (the kind of shot your guys LOVE but are not capable of shooting) explain about the HOURS of shooting he has done, and how many overhand shots he has taken.  You might even let him try that shot ONCE at practice.


Going to watch a high school lacrosse game right in your own backyard can provide some of the same opportunities.  It’s always a short drive to a great high school game.  Have your players watch the coaches and players.


There is a young player, one morning he was using some quality time when he could have been playing Guitar Hero watching some TV.  One might assume the new season of Sponge Bob might have been so enthralling.  It turns out he was watching the DVR.  It was the Princeton vs. UMBC game!  “Look”, he said, “they’re carrying the ball and throwing the ball back, like we talked about at practice.” Score one for “Teachable Moments!”



At TripleEDGE Lacrosse we are always striving to provide “The Teachable Moment” to improve young players. Our coaches and camp counselors are all current and former college players who work closely with each player to help them become better players.   Summer program information and on-line registration is posted on our website at www.TripleEDGElax.com


Please do NOT hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions. 




Dennis Stewart

Director of Operations

TripleEDGE Lacrosse

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