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 Playoff Lacrosse




As we move into the NVYLL playoffs, one thing that can help our teams is our very own behavior, demeanor and mental approach to the game.  Players look to us as coaches, for behavioral cues.


Calm: Look at great coaches in any sport.  When it’s crunch time for the most part, the coaches exude a calmness that they want to carry over to the players.  There may be one coach whose role is to be the “Excitable Guy,” but players need to see a calm eye in the middle of the hurricane.


Tension:  When young players are nervous and tense they tend to put more pressure on themselves.  This can lead to failure.  We don’t need to make it worse.  Help fix mistakes, Tommy KNOWS he’s supposed to catch the ball.  Tell him to keep his hands soft, or his feet moving.  Be constructive!




There are ways to practice for the intensity of the playoffs.  As we’ve discussed previously, count passes during line drills, with rewards for the winners, and consequences for the losers.  Sudden Victory Drills and Scrimmages (the losers run or carry off winners’ equipment, or get their water bottles) help set the tone and make players understand the importance of every play and every possession in a close game.


Use situational drills, end of game up one goal, down one goal.  Have your players prepared for EVERY situation that may happen in a game!


Several times as a college coach I’ve been in an overtime or playoff game that were crucial.  On almost every occasion it was one of the players who pointed out, “This is something we do all the time at practice!”


IT’S a GAME!  It is NOT Life & Death!  Create pressure, while at the same time, make it fun to succeed!


TripleEDGE Camp and League field staff and coaches try to get your players ready for ANY situation that may occur during a game.  We try and teach them that winning and losing do not create stress; it’s just another opportunity to succeed.  Our coaches and camp counselors are all current and former college players and coaches who will work closely with each player to help them become better players.  


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