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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear for my lesson?

The Chevy Chase ice skating rink is a chilly place, so dress warmly, covering all extremities. Gloves or mittens, a hat and a warm coat are recommended for everyone. **Masks are required for all participants.


Where do I go for lessons?

On the first day of class, your instructor will meet with you in the warming room near the skate desk. After the first lesson, you will meet your instructor on the ice at the time of your lesson.


How early should I get to the rink before my lesson?

We recommend you arrive at least ten minutes before your lesson in order to lace up skates snugly and put on the proper layers of clothing. Please be sure to be on the ice for your lesson promptly, but do not go on the ice early, as you may disrupt other classes.


What is the student/teacher ratio?

The maximum enrollment in any class is ten students with one instructor. If an instructor is absent and no substitute is available, the class ratio will increase for that lesson, as the classes will have to be combined.