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 Keeping the Fun in Fundamentals


At this point in the season players are asking the questions more often, “When are we going to scrimmage?” and “Why can’t we just play?”   However, players still need to concentrate on mastering the fundamentals.  It is important that players know that stick skills can always be improved.  It is also the time of the year that coaches need to focus on teaching players more about learning to play versus teaching them plays!


To help make stick work more interesting and less a repetitive drudgery of long stretches of the same line drills, try to increase the number of touches on the ball by decreasing the size of the group and increase the intensity of the work.  Creating competitive situations in small groups for the players will increase touches while increasing intensity. 


Throwing and Catching.  Put three players on a ball - throw and catch in three man triangles.  Reward the first group to get to ‘X’ consecutive successful throws.  Ten, 15, 20, 25 are all reachable goals, depending on the level of your players.   Using groups of three will increase and maximize touches for the players.   Concentrate on the little things the players do.  Remember to penalize players for throwing the ball side arm or ‘flinging it.’   Split the team in two, by school, neighborhood, by odd or even jersey numbers.  Play for push ups, running, give the “winners” Gatorade, have the “losers” carry the winners’ equipment off the field.


Ground Ball Relays.  These are always productive and fun for your players.

 In Triangles with three players working with one ball, or with the team split in half or in three or four groups.

If you use Triangles or squares, make sure the passes are at least ten yds.

Catch L roll away, Throw R (counter clockwise)

Catch R roll away, Throw L (clockwise)

Catch R move it on R (clock wise)

Catch L move it on L (counter clock wise)

Catch L, Split Dodge, throw R (counter clockwise)

Quick stick R, Quick stick L


Station Work.  If there are multiple coaches, set up different stations to focus on different skills.  Have each coach work with a group and keep score for a set amount of time for a specific skill.   Rotate the players thru each station.  Make a BIG deal out of the group with the best scores at each station.


Play 2v1 to the goal.  Line up one team at a goal, another team 40 yds away with another goal. Team 1 attacks Team 2 with the goalie throwing a clearing pass to start the 2v1.  The player that shoots makes sure the ball comes back.  The other player runs into the hole to play defense, Now Team 2 attacks Team 1.  Keep it going and keep score. Play to 3 or 5 or 10 goals.  If the team masters 2v1 add another player and play 3v2.  If there is only one goal and one goalie - go 10 repetitions for each team.  Start at the top of the restraining line.

Competing at the fundamentals allows players to practice stick skills for a longer amount of time.  Three games may take 15 minutes or more.   Try not to focus on any one skill for too long - keep changing the skills performed to keep it challenging and fun.


TripleEDGE utilizes these drills and many more in our camps and leagues - focusing on the fundamentals.  Our programs are designed for players of all ages and skill levels and provide a great balance of instruction, skill work, game experience, and FUN.  We pride ourselves on the expertise of our staff - Our camp counselors and field staff are all current or former lacrosse coaches and players.  Help your players to “Get the EDGE this Summer” and encourage them to join us for a “TripleEDGE Endless Summer of Lacrosse”.  Program details and online registration will be available soon on our website at www.TripleEDGElax.com .