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New Canaan, CT
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Equipment required:


  • All wrestlers must have wrestling shoes prior to the start of the session.  We recommend shoes with Velcro (Adidas Extero) for all  younger wrestler.*** 
  • All wrestlers must have proper fitting headgear.***
  • Mouth guards are required if wrestler wears braces.

Equipment: You must purchase wrestling shoes, headgear, support briefs. Mouthguards are needed for those wrestlers with braces. The club provides a competition singlet, which must be returned.  A $50 deposit will be required for the use of the Team Singlet. In case of hardship, the club does have access to gear. Please let us know your needs.

Retail Sources: 
Athletic Shoe Factory in New Canaan and Bob's Discount Sports in Norwalk have limited selections of wrestling shoes.

Internet sources include: www.suplay.comwww.mywrestlingroom.comwww.wrestlinggear.com and www.eastbay.com.  Online srouces have sale prices on last year's good shoes, especially smaller and larger sizes. You should be able to find shoes for about $39-55. Headgear (ear protectors) costs about $20; the Brute or Cliff Keen headgear brands are both good.  
Practice Attire:  Shorts or sweatpants, a t-shirt, and wrestling shoes should be worn.  Do not come to practice in cargo pants or other garments not designed for athletic activity. No zippers, Velcro, snaps, etc., that can abrade teammates.  A support garment should be worn under the shorts.  (For reasons of safety and courtesy, boxer shorts are NOT suitable.)   Boys with braces MUST wear mouthguards.  Wrestlers do not wear any jewelry, bracelets, watches, bands, necklaces, rings, etc, in practice or matches (even if they are fabric or rubber). Fingernails must be trimmed. Boys who use an inhaler should bring it to every practice.