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The Board is extremely focused on enhancing our communications within the program and with external constituents.  Joanie Stoeckle will be leading this Strategy element working with me and the Board to address the aforementioned.  The items highlighted below summarize upcoming events and a few of the Communications Strategy key focus areas:

Season Kick-off Party - We are looking to have a season kick-off part on Sunday, September 13, from 3-6 PM to welcome in the new season.  Please look to the web site for all the details.

Practices Before Haunted Shootout -  We will be scheduling all practices on the Tuesday and Wednesday before the Haunted Shootout (except Mites Tuesday and Thursday) as we have learned from the past that the Thursday before the Haunted Shootout is attended in a limited manner by our players and therefore the time on the ice is not maximized. Please look to the web site for the practice times.

Recovery Tuesday -  We will NOT be having practice on Tuesday October 27, the Tuesday after the Haunted Shootout, in order to give the players and parents a break to recover from the Haunted Shootout weekend.

Family Weekend -  We will giving the players and parents off from hockey (no practices - no games) Friday January 1 through Monday January 4.  We know how important it is to have quality family time without hockey and spend time with those siblings that do not play hockey.  We wanted to let you know as soon as possible so family plans can be made.

Board Member Team Assignments - As highlighted in my July 31 e-mail each team has a Board member assigned to it to complement your communications with coaches and team managers.

Ice Side Chats - We will be conducting "Ice Side Chats".  For 16 Wednesday nights during the season I will be making myself, your team coaches, and assigned Board member available for a Conference call.  For example, on October 7 at 9:00 PM the Mite parents would join me, the Mite coaches, and assigned Board member on a conference call to discuss whatever is on anyone's mind.  The 16 Wednesday night schedule will provide for 2 such calls for each team during the season.  Joanie and I are finalizing the "Ice Side Chats" schedule and will be distributing it as we get closer to the beginning of the season.

President e-mail Messaging - Not much to explain with this one - look forward to receiving e-mails from me.

Policy Communications -  We will be posting to the web site and making you aware of a number of Policies including but not limited to - Parents Code of Conduct, Zero Tolerance, Medical Clearance After an Injury, Coaches Final say on Player Participating in a Game after an Injury, etc..

Community Outreach - We are assessing a number of options to more widely communicate the WCYHA to external constituents.  

As I stated earlier, there are other elements of the Communications Strategy which we are working on however, I wanted to give you greater detail on a few of the specific areas.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your team Board member, Joanie Stoeckle or me.