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The Board is extremely focused on Player Safety and we think you would expect nothing less from us than to take/pursue/assess the actions below to create as safe an environment as possible for your player.  Doug Hook is the Board member responsible for Player Safety, and Doug and I have been working on a number of the focus areas highlighted below:

Stop Patches - Megan McLean has ordered stop patches for every player, which upon arrival we will distribute to you for your application to your player's jerseys.  A simple thing, but a big reminder to those opposing players on the ice.

Coaches First Aid Training - We will be engaging the Red Cross to provide sports related first aid training to one coach per team so we are better prepared for any medical emergencies.

Coaches Decision for Continued In-Game Participation – After an Injury Policy.
The WCYHA Policy is that the Head Coach will be the ultimate decision maker on how long the player will sit out from participation and when the player will re-enter the game.  Please see the Documents Tab for full policy.

Medical Clearance Form-  Resume Participation Medical Clearance Form is required to resume participation if any injury, accident, or illness required any WCYHA parent to seek medical attention for any WCYHA player, examples include, but are not limited to; Brain Injuries, Broken Bones, Respiratory Ailments.  The clearance form is located on the Documents tab.

Tournament Medical Professional - We are looking into options/costs to bring a Medical Professional to the Marlborough tournament to support the three days of competition the WCYHA is involved with.  During the last two years two of our boys were taken out on back boards, we want someone dedicated to our players and we want to make sure we pursue this option/cost and assess its viability.

Concussion Testing - We will be posting materials to the Web site related to concussion testing to develop a "brain waves" baseline for your player.  We are strongly recommending that you work with your medical professional, visit the highlighted web sites, etc. to get completed before games begin.

Heads Up Hockey and Video Sessions - Playing heads up hockey is a given and we will be posting documents to the web site, around DIA, etc. to remind you and your player.  Additionally, we are very focused on the 2nd year Squirts (for when they become Pee Wees) and 1st and 2nd year Pee Wees about taking/giving hits, safe angles, etc.  

DIA Medical Preparedness - We are confirming with the rink their preparedness for a medical emergency and assessing what more we need to do.  We are also looking at our process for away games.