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AA, AAA, and AAAA Division Information

The AA, AAA, and Quad-A Divisions are competitive organized baseball leagues for players age 9-12.  Divisions are age-based and games are played under Little League International rules.  Kids pitch all games, subject to age-based pitch count regulations for player development.  There are pre-season player evaluations, and teams are assigned using a draft system within each division.

Who can play?  The upper division baseball leagues are for boys and girls who are 9-12 years old based on the Little League International Age Determination Chart.

  • AA Division is for players who are playing age 9 years old.
  • AAA Division is for players who are playing age 10 years old.
  • AAAA (‘Quad-A’) is for players who are playing age 11 years old.

How are players assigned to teams?  Upper division players (ages 9 and up) are assigned to teams based on a coaches’ draft system in mid-March.  The draft system is design to yield teams of similar overall ability within each age division.  For this reason, we cannot accept teammate requests for the draft-based age divisions (AA, AAA, Quad-A, and Majors). 

When are pre-season player evaluations?  Evaluations for AA through Intermediate divisions are held the first or second weekend each March.  Exact dates, times, and locations are set and posted to the LMLL web site home page in February.  In the evaluations, each player executes a set of standard baseball drills designed to reveal the player’s general ability in the three main areas of hitting, pitching, and fielding.  Additional details may be posted on the league web site before evaluations are held.

When does the season start and end?  First practices are typically scheduled for the last week in March or first week in April.  Games typically begin the first week in April (or the first week after the LMSD spring break, whichever comes later).  There is an 8-week regular season, and then two weeks of playoff games.  The season ends the last week of the (LMSD) school year in mid-June.  

When are games and practices?    Teams have 2-3 games per week depending on division: typically 2/week for AA and AAA divisions, and 3/week for Quad-A.  In addition, each team will usually have one practice each week.  Weekday games and practices are held in the evening from (approximately) 6-7:30pm; weekend game times vary from week to week.  The game schedule is finalized in March, and will be posted under the Schedule tab at the top of the LMLL home page.   

What happens on Memorial Day weekend?  LMLL holds a round-robin baseball tournament (the Ashburn Cup) over Memorial Day weekend for upper-division players.  For details, see the Ashburn Cup tab at the left.  There are no regular season games on Memorial Day weekend. 

Where are games and practices?  Games and practices are held at regulation (60’ diamond) ball fields throughout Lower Merion Township; locations vary with each game, and will be finalized with team schedules in March.  Directions and locations of all baseball fields are provided at the Field Locations link on the tabs at left.  A detailed schedule will also be emailed by your player’s team coach before the season starts in April.

What do we need to bring?  Players need: (1) a baseball glove, (2) water bottle, (3) team baseball cap, and for games (4) his/her team uniform (shirt, baseball pants, socks).    Uniforms and caps are distributed at the first team meeting.  We recommend players wear baseball cleats.  Players cannot wear shorts, as they are taught to slide into the base on close plays.  We encourage players to bring their own favorite baseball bat, batting gloves, and batting helmet (but these are not required).   

When will I learn what team my player will be on?  Parents will be contacted (via email) by the player’s head coach after the player draft is complete in mid-March.  The head coach will provide field schedule information, team name and other players on it, and any additional logistical information.  Please be sure we have your preferred email address when you register online.

Are game rules available?  How long are the games?  Games are six innings (which takes about 1.5-2 hours, typically).  Score is kept, and team standings are posted on the league web site.  Most rules mirror big-league baseball, but there are some important differences in Little League.  The  most important of these are pitch count regulations, rules regarding player interference/contact designed to ensure player safety, and provisions regarding player absences during playoffs (known as ‘taxi squad’ rules).  In these divisions (AA through Majors) there is a head umpire who adjudicates the rules during a game.  Each division offical game rules are available under the Rules and Regs tab at left.

Do we need to be township residents?  Lower Merion Little League is open to residents of Lower Merion Township and the Borough of Narberth and students attending a private school in Lower Merion Township.

Where can I find additional information?  We have a Frequently Asked Questions page about our Spring Season baseball programs, on the tabs at left.  In addition, general inquires may be directed to the league at .  Specific  inquiries may be directed to the Division Commissioners, whose names and email addresses are listed on the League Contacts tab at left.