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NCYW goals are to introduce and educate kids to wrestling and promote wrestling competition at the state level. We focus on fundamentals through a combination of clinics, drills and live wrestling. Our practices are equal parts of conditioning, training and competition. Our coaches know that safety always comes first and that teaching self confidence and pride is the most important component of youth sports.    

Wrestling is a very physically demanding sport. The coaches at NC Wrestling take the practices seriously. Attendance and competition is the key to growth.  We ask the wresters and the parents to take the commitment seriously.  

Wrestlers must have wrestling shoes and head gear prior to the first practice.  Mouthguards are required with braces.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at

New Canaan Youth Wrestling

We offer two group levels:

Elementary (2nd-5th grade) 

Middle School (6th-8th grade) 


Practice Schedules:
Elementary (2st-5th) Tuesday & Thursday 6-7:15

Middle School (5th-8th) Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6:00-7:30
All practices will be held at the NCHS wrestling room. 

You must be registered online and paid prior to the first practice. 
Register here:  www.NewCanaanWrestling.org


Policies and Important Information:

Attendance Although wrestlers need not attend all practices or tournaments, inconsistent attendance and lack of experience in competition slows improvement. We take practicing seriously and ask that wrestlers and parents commit to the program.  For match days, it is important that we know planned attendance to get proper matches arranged, and to alert opposing wrestlers for whom we have no suitable match.  We do this via email, so please respond with your planned attendance or not ASAP when we ask for your plans.
Intra Club Tournaments: Saturday/Sunday Intra Club tournaments will be held throughout the season in the NCHS wrestling room. These tournaments are highly encouraged for the novice wrestlers. They will be structured by the coaches to have a real tournament feel, but the competition will be other novice New Canaan wrestlers and the focus will be on instruction. The coaches will coach, referee and run the day with the help of volunteer parents. These tournaments have been very successful in the past as a way of introducing the competitive nature of the sport to the wrestlers in a controlled environment. 
Tournaments: Sunday tournaments are held from December through February. They are in mid-state locations. Entrants are grouped by birth year (not grade) and then arranged by similar weight into groups of four or five wrestlers.  Each wrestler wrestles all the other wrestlers in their group. Usually, at least one “novice” tournament per year is held, restricted to first and second year wrestlers. Most of the new wrestlers should attend some novice tourneys. New wrestlers who don’t feel ready for tournaments can postpone competing until they feel ready.
Equipment: You must purchase wrestling shoes, headgear, support briefs. Mouthguards are needed for those wrestlers with braces. The club provides a competition singlet, which must be returned.  A $50 deposit will be required for the use of the Team Singlet. In case of hardship, the club does have access to gear. Please let us know your needs.

Retail Sources:
Athletic Shoe Factory in New Canaan and Bob's Discount Sports in Norwalk have limited selections of wrestling shoes. Internet sources include:  www.suplay.com, www.mywrestlingroom.com, www.wrestlinggear.com and www.eastbay.com.  Online srouces have sale prices on last year's good shoes, especially smaller and larger sizes. You should be able to find shoes for about $39-55. Headgear (ear protectors) costs about $20; the Brute or Cliff Keen headgear brands are both good.  
Practice Attire:  Shorts or sweatpants, a t-shirt, and wrestling shoes should be worn.  Do not come to practice in cargo pants or other garments not designed for athletic activity. No zippers, Velcro, snaps, etc., that can abrade teammates.  A support garment should be worn under the shorts.  (For reasons of safety and courtesy, boxer shorts are NOT suitable.)   Boys with braces MUST wear mouthguards.  Wrestlers do not wear any jewelry, bracelets, watches, bands, necklaces, rings, etc, in practice or matches (even if they are fabric or rubber). Fingernails must be trimmed. Boys who use an inhaler should bring it to every practice.
FitnessWrestling is one of the most physically demanding sports. Expect your wrestler to be very tired and sore after the first few weeks.