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Coastal League U10 Jamboree @ Duxbury - June 8, 2013
Key Information - And Lots of It!

Each June, the Duxbury U-10 teams hosts the Under 10 Soccer Jamboree for the Coastal Soccer League.   For those who have never participated it is a terrifically fun and exciting event with approximately 1000 boys and girls soccer players coming to Duxbury for a day of soccer games.  All of the U10 teams will be here and every U10 team will play in three short but intense games over a 3 hour period.   

This year's Jamboree will run from approximately 8:00 am-6:30 pm

     7:30am Team Registration begins for teams competing (only coaches need to check-in at the registration table)
          (Remember to register your team at least 30 minutes before your first game)
     8:00am First Games Begin!
     Every half hour -- More games begin!
     6:00pm Last Games Begin (tentative)
     6:30pm Last Games End -- Another year of Jamboree is on the books!

Location -- The U10 Jamboree takes place at the Coppens Field Complex at Chandler Elementary School at 93 Chandler St. in Duxbury.

Parking: We encourage people to park in the parking lots of Chandler School.  Lots are available adjacent to fields, and on all sides of the school, including the rear of the school.

On-street parking is available, but we ask that if you park on Chandler Street you only park on the "field" side of the street.  Do not park on the "Houses" side. 
Click the link in the "Location" section above for an aerial view of the school, showing location of parking lots.

Team Registration takes place at the main tent in front of the Concession Stand, starting at 7:30am. 
Individual players do not need to register; coaches register their entire team. 
Coaches should register their teams at least 30 minutes before their first game
Teams will be given their three-game schedule, "Coastal League Jamboree" Pins, and a trash bag. 

Games are played starting on each half hour.  Please be at your fields on time and ready to begin play. All games will start on time, and will be timed at the concession stand.  The sooner your game starts the more playing time you will get. 

If it is raining - remember that the Jamboree takes place rain or shine.  As long as there is no thunder or lightning and the fields are in a safe condition to play, the games will proceed as scheduled.  The decision to cancel games due to inclement weather will be determined at the field on a game-by-game basis.  Any extensive changes to the day will be posted on the DYSA web site as practical.

Jamboree Game Schedules are nearly final.  The schedules are subject to additional changes; please check back often, up to the Jamboree date. You can check them here.

Attention Town Coordinators:
Please direct schedule questions in advance to this year's Jamboree Coordinators at .
If you have young referees that would like to come and work games, please contact DYSA's referee coordinator at  

Zero Tolerance Policy -- All parents/spectators/coaches must read and be familiar with the Coastal League Zero Tolerance Policy governing player, coach, and parent behavior.  It remains in effect for Jamboree as it would for any regular games during the season.

There will be Jamboree T-shirts on sale at the Registration Tent. 

Food and drinks will be on sale at the concession stand, including Pizza, Hot Dogs, soda, water, sports beverages, coffee, hot chocolate, candy, snacks, and more.  Bottled Water will be available at the concession stand and at other locations around the field.


Please help keep the fields clean for everyone - there will be over 1000 players and at least 3000 people in attendance at an average Jamboree.  Please make it a point to clean up during and after the games.  Think of the Jamboree as one of those Carry-In->Carry Out national parks or beaches.  Please take a broad perspective on cleanup -- make it a contest for your kids to pick up whatever litter is in your area or on your way off the field, whether you generated the trash or not.  Teach kids to clean up their own stuff; there is no "cleanup magic" that takes care of it if they don't. There are many trash barrels around the field complex to help with this task.  Coaches are issued a trash bag for their team to help with this effort.

Goal Safety -- For safety reasons, please prevent children (any of them -- even if they are not yours!) from playing on/climbing on nets and goalposts.

Frisbee, lacrosse, baseball, and football activities are not allowed within soccer field complex during Jamboree.  Please keep our young players safe from inadvertent injury due to non-soccer activity and equipment.

Please leave your dogs or other pets at home.  Let the players have the field for the day.  Please seriously consider that some spectators, adults and children alike, are not comfortable with animals.  There are many very small children in attendance for whom a strange dog can be threatening -- even if you "know" that you dog is a nice dog.  Animal fecal matter continues to be a problem, especially along the inside of the fence along the road between the concession stand and the school entrance.  No pets=no poop.  In addition to this common sense, the Town of Duxbury specifically prohibits dogs from the Coppens Field complex.

Lost & Found -- Please turn in any found items (non-trash!) to the Lost and Found at the equipment shed door (to left of the concession stand window). 

Portapotties will be located in various areas of the complex.  Rest rooms are located behind the concession stand.   

If you have any additional questions, please email the Jamboree Coordinators at .