Dry land training helps develop the strength, conditioning and agility needed for maximum performance on the ice.  Several local companies have programs for hockey players.  You are encouraged to explore the different programs from BlueStreak Sports Training, Endeavor Sports Performance, Hybrid Athletics and the Parisi Speed School and choose one that is best for you.
(The programs below are listed for the convenience of users of this website. Mid Fairfield does not endorse, recommend, conduct, manage or benefit from any of these programs)


Now you can train like a pro. BlueStreak's hockey specific training programs will will increase your acceleration, speed, agility and strength – all critical for being at the top of your game.   Between skill drills on our synthetic ice and skating on our hockey treadmill, a hockey player spends 60% of their time in their skates.  Mid-Fairfield and BlueStreak have a long standing relationship helping produce some of the best hockey players in Fairfield County.  Former Mid-Fairfield players such as Max Pacioretty, a top prospect for the Montreal Canadiens, spend their entire off-season training in BlueStreak's hockey program.  Many others include some of the nation's best college, and USHL hockey players at schools such as Vermont, Michigan, Notre Dame and Providence.

BlueStreak Sports Training
80 Largo Drive
Stamford, CT 06907


Contact: Matt Stack, VP of Hockey @ BlueStreak Sports Training
(203) 969-BLUE




ohnny Longo's Strength Academy offers a key component in the progress and overall development of athletes.  Individualized sport-specific strength and conditioning programs are designed for every hockey player.  The personalized programs focus on improving physical capabilities while improving their hockey specific skills and conditioning levels to enhance their overall performance.  In addition to enhancing the development and performance of our athletes, the training also focuses on injury prevention of all athletes.  The strength and conditioning philosophy at Endeavor Sports Performance is built upon a solid foundation of fundamentals: work habits, proper technique, motivation and the setting of goals. This philosophy will enable individual athletes to achieve and sustain excellence.



Each strength and conditioning program run by John Longo:
-Former captain at the University of Vermont
-Former professional hockey player
-Extensive background in strength and conditioning



The SportsCenter of CT

784 River Rd.

Shelton, CT 06484




The Parisi Speed School is the fastest way to become a better athlete.  The mission is to Empower America's Youth through speed training programs focused on improving speed, strength, running technique, flexibility and endurance.  From athletes 7 years old all the way to the Pros, the Parisi Speed School has allowed athletes to do the two things our program strives for:  Athletes have improved their athletic performance, but more importantly, they have developed a higher level of self-confidence.
After 100,000 Athletes, 5,000 College Scholarships, 1,000 Teams Trained, 150 NFL Players and 15 First Rounders, including NHL, NBA, WNBA and MLB Professional Athletes...we know THE PROGRAM WORKS!
The Parisi Speed School
72 Camp Ave
Stamford, CT 06907
Contact: Denise Denis