As part of AYHL league requirements, every parent and guardian must complete an online program called Rediscovering Youth Sportsmanship. This program is designed by behavioral health specialists, in conjunction with sports medicine and health care professionals, all from the Saint Barnabas Health Care System.

The program is designed for parents and guardians of young athletes.  It focuses on how you as a parent can help meet the emotional, social and developmental needs of young athletes ages 6 to 18.  Although the program concerns sportsmanship, it covers much more than that, and may be as beneficial for you as for your young athlete.  Click here for more information about the program.

Every parent and guardian must individually complete the online course, obtain an online certificate of completion and send the certificate to their team manager.

New users: click here to register and take the course.  Use the team code provided by your team manager.  If more than one person in your household needs to complete the course, you must each register with a unique email address.  If there is not another valid email address available for another course participant, simply alter the email address by adding a letter or two so it is unique (the address is not actually used to send information).

Returning users: If you need to return to the course after you have registered, click here to login and continue the course.  Login using the email address and password you used to register.  Once you login, you can resume the course where you left off.

Completed the course before?  If you have previously taken the course, you need to "unregister" last year's entry, reregister and retake the course to obtain a completion certificate with a 2008 date.  Click here to login, using the email address and password you intially registered with, then follow the steps below. 

Once in the main My Home page, click on the Course Catalog link in the left menu or at the bottom of the screen.  On the Course Catalog Search Form, under #2 click the "Go!" button to search the course catalog.  On the Course Catalog Search Results page, click the Rediscovering Youth Sportsmanship Program Course link.  The next page presented will provide you with Course Registration Information.  To take the course again, click unregister, and then re-register.  Click Register for this course. Then click Click here to Start the course.  This will allow you to take the course again in its entirety, viewing each screen. Then take the Parental Pledge. After completing the Parental Pledge, the Results page will display. Click on Completion Certificate. The Certificate of Completion will appear with the current date.

Click here for help with course registration.