Refunds of the Foxboro lacrosse portion of the fees ($110) will be made until February 10th.  No refunds will be made after that.


Lightning is a real killer - hundreds of athletes/outdoor recreational folks are killed each year because they don't understand the hazards associated with lightning and the basic steps required when we lightning is spotted.

Here's the basic rule:  if you see lightning and hear thunder within 30 seconds, the activity (game or practice) must be suspended.  The activity cannot commence until 30 minutes of clearance (meaning that no violations of this rule can occur for 30 minutes).  If you wait 29 minutes, and then see lightning and hear thunder within 30 seconds, the 30 minute clock starts again.

Some common sense items:

1) Clear the field, lightning will strike fields just as often as tall trees - the scary part about this is that it will injury/kill many people if this happens:

2) Get to shelter quickly .  A building is the safest, but a car will suffice.

3) Do NOT seek shelter under trees.

4) It's frustrating do shut down practice, wait, etc.  The best approach is to postpone from the get-go if thunderstorms are forecasted.

5) Check out the US Lacrosse lightning policy for more detailed information at: http://www.uslacrosse.org/SportsScienceandSafety/PositionStatementLightningPolicy.aspx