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Bridgewater Baseball/Softball Tournament Work Bond information

Parents of Bridgewater Baseball,

For those of you who wish to work during the Summer tournament, below is a document with all the assignments for which you can choose from.  Each family not forfeiting their work bond will be required to work 2 shifts by August 10th.  Please review the shifts available, and fill out the Work Assignment Request on the ONLINE FORM page indicating up to 5 possible choices of shifts to work.  They will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.  It is your responsibility to be sure that your work bond is fulfilled for summer tournament. 

Please check this grid for actual work assignments, and check back often to verify dates and times you are assigned for, as they may change slightly up until the day of your shift.  If you do not show up for an assigned shift, your work bond will be forfeited immediately and a Junior Work Force member will be called upon to work your shift.

A new Q&A has been posted below with an explanation of the Summer Work Bond. 

CLICK HERE to see the Master Schedule of shift assignments and open shifts.

CLICK HERE to submit your Work Assignment RequestIf you need to drop a shift already assigned, use the online form to DROP the shift and the ADD new shift choices.

There are 4 different job assignments on the work schedule.  No matter what shift you are assigned to, it is possible that during the course of your shift you will be asked to do other assignments at your location depending on tournament needs.  Please submit your shift requests today!   
  1. Snack Shack: working the Concessions Stand at Prince Rodgers
  2. Snack Table on Back Porch: on the back patio facing PR Fields 2/3, a snack table will be set up with snacks and cold drinks.
  3. Snack Table at the High School:  a snack table will be set-up at this satellite field with snacks and cold drinks.  There will be more "heavy lifting" involved as far as setting up tubs with ice and drinks.  The first shift will have instructions on setting up, the final shift will break the stand down.  This may also require driving to Prince Rodgers during the shift to exchange money, get additional supplies, etc.
  4. Field Duty Off-Site: first stop is Prince Rodgers to pick up a blank scoresheet, requires filling in the scoresheet, including pitchers' info, and returning it fully completed after the game back to Prince Rodgers.  Also requires pre-game field touch-up if a prior game was played and manning the scoreboard.

Thank you!  Any questions not answered below, please contact Ed Bradley at

Summer Tournament Work Bond Q&A

What is the Summer Tournament Work Bond?   The work bond is a check paid to Bridgewater Baseball/Softball for the Summer Tournament program. That check is held until the conclusion of the Summer Tournament, and returned if your work bond was successfully completed.   
How does the Work Bond relate to the Memorial Day Tournament?  The Summer Work bond has no relation to the Memorial Day Tournament.  Teams that participate in the Memorial Day tournament are required to staff the tournament to support their free entry into the tournament.
What about the time I spent working the Memorial Day Tournament?  Usually the only teams participating in the Memorial Day Tournament are A & B tournament teams.  Bridgewater teams enter the tournament for free in exchange for the volunteer hours needed to staff the tournament.  Teams from each age group are required to manage the fields they use for the tournament, and also staff some shifts in the Snack Shack.  The 12U Cooperstown teams spend 6+ months managing the tournament in exchange for using the tournament as a fundraiser. 

How much is the Work Bond? The work bond is $125.
What is the purpose of the work bond?  Bridgewater Baseball/Softball is a 100% volunteer organization, including the Board of Directors.  The work bond encourages our families to work during the Summer Tournament, without which we would not be able to run the tournament successfully.   Your volunteer work hours help to maintain the level of excellence that we have achieved and maintained for many years.
Does everyone pay the work bond?  All players with the exception of the Board of Directors, Team Managers and the Tournament Committee pay the work bond.  Because of the significant amount of time required to fulfill their respective roles in support of the Tournament Program year-round, these families are excluded from paying the bond.
What if I have children on more than one team?   Parents who have children on more than one team are only required to pay the work bond once to the oldest child’s team, and must work only the 2 required shifts like everyone else.
How does this relate to the Spring work bond?  The Spring and Summer Tournament Work Bonds are completely unrelated.  Spring Work Bond relates to our Rec program, and can be fulfilled anytime during the year prior to the next year’s registration, whereas Summer Work Bond can only be fulfilled working in the Summer tournament. 
What if I don’t want to work?  Every person paying the work bond has the opportunity to forfeit their work bond.  We need to know whether you are forfeiting your work bond when you accept your position on a tournament team.  This allows us to properly plan the summer tournament work schedule with the families who choose to work.  Once you forfeit your work bond you do not have to fulfill any work during the Summer tournament.
What happens when I forfeit my work bond?  The shifts that you would normally work during the Summer Tournament revert to shifts for the Junior Work Force.  Your check for $125 is deposited.
How do I satisfy the Work Bond requirements?  You can satisfy the work bond by volunteering for 2 shifts during the Summer Tournament.  Most adult Work Bond positions involve working Concessions, but there are a few shifts available for off-site field work that require drivers.  Shifts can run up to 5 hours.  Most field duty shifts are worked by the Junior Work Force.
What happens if I’m scheduled for a shift and I miss it?  If you are not able to work your shift, you are responsible for cancelling at least 24 hours prior to the shift with the Scheduler, or finding a replacement by trading with another person.  If you miss your shift, your Work Bond is immediately forfeited, whether or not you worked another shift.  Please understand that you are putting other volunteers in a very difficult situation by forgetting your shift.
Can I have my teenage child work my shift?  Your teenager must be preapproved and cleared by the Scheduler before working a scheduled shift, even if they are part of the Junior Work Force.  We rely on ADULTS for the shifts they are assigned for, and very often we move the adults to different shifts based on what’s required during that time.  If a teenager shows up for a shift that is expected to be staffed by an adult, without preapproval, your Work Bond will be forfeited.
What happens if my shift gets rained out?  If your shift is cancelled because of a rainout, you are required to put in a new request to work another shift.  If you arrive for your shift and it is subsequently cancelled due to rain (in the middle of the shift), you receive credit for working the shift.  Arriving for a shift and discovering a cancellation does not relieve you of the shift.  If you have questions about a particular date, please check with the Scheduler.
What if no one contacts me about working?  It is 100% your responsibility to ensure that you put in your volunteer time.  Family members must communicate with each other to be sure you fulfill the 2 required shifts.  When in doubt, contact the Scheduler so records can be checked about your family’s work record.  KEEP TRACK OF WHEN YOU WORKED AND WHO YOU WORKED WITH to be sure we can verify your worked shift, if needed.  Your Team Manager is not responsible for contacting you, it’s up to you.

How do I get my work bond refund?  Once the summer tournament season is complete, the Scheduler reports back on those that have worked their 2 shifts, and those families receive their work bond refund.
How does the Junior Work Force fit in?  Shifts forfeited by team parents revert to the Junior Work force. 
What is the Junior Work Force?  The JWF consists mostly of High Schoolers with working papers.  A note is sent to our membership in the spring for recruitment, and we try to keep the group small enough to guarantee a good amount of work for all its participants.   See information on the website related to this topic for more information.