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LAHA Substance and Physical Abuse Policy

The LAHA General Membership voted in 2007 to approve a new, comprehensive substance and physical abuse policy. 

The Los Alamos Hockey Association believes that hockey is a constructive influence for its participants and that it is our mission during suspected substance or physical abuse events to provide a safe environment for all while providing suspended participants with the opportunity to practice and benefit from a supportive environment while they are getting help.

This policy follows the guidelines of the USAH 2007-2008 Annual Guide, the USA Hockey By-Law 10 Procedure for Suspension and Discipline of Members, the Constitution and By-Laws of the Los Alamos Hockey Association and the Los Alamos High School Extracurricular Activities Code.

Each player/parent must sign and return an acknowledgement form prior to participating in any LAHA event.

Click here to download the approved policy