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Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Forms
X  Click here for "Scouting Forms from the National Council Common forms are provided below. 
BSA Youth Application
(copied fr Natl 3/2012)
Required for all new youth members in both cub scouting and boy scouting.  Page 5 must be completed in full, signed by parent, and submitted to the Officer in charge of registration.   ("Unit" is either "75" or "788" and both Weston Units are in the Pomperaug District of Connecticut Yankee Council.)

-Boys joining Weston Cub Scout Pack 75, should mail the BSA Youth Application form to:  Jared Mittleman, 9 Deer Run Trail, Weston 

-Boys joining Weston Boy Scout Troop 788, should mail the BSA Youth Application form :  C. Reilly, 16 Tannery Lane N., Weston   
BSA Adult Application
(copied fr Natl 3/2012)
Required for all adults volunteering in either a leadership capacity (officer, den leader, scout-master), or for non-family adults at least 18 years of age not residing with the scout who will attend scouting functions.
   #1 Print, sign, complete page #4
   #2  Print, complete, sign page #5
   #3  Submit to Chairman
You may scan, fax, or email to the Chairman provided copies are good and both pages are sent.
 - Weston Cub Scout Pack 75  - 
Jared Mittleman, 9 Deer Run Trail, Weston    
 - Weston Boy Scout Troop 788 Chairman:  T. Hoffman   not available

BSA Guide to Safe Scouting

BSA Age Guide to Activities
 Rules for all Scouting Events & Activities:
   I. Youth Protection & Adult Leaders
  II. Acquatic Safety (Safe Swim Defense & Safety Afloat
 III. Camping
 IV. Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use and Abuse
  V. Energy Preparedness
 VI. First Aide
 VII. Fuels & Fire Protection
VIII. Guns & Fire Arms
  IX. Sports & Activities
   X. Inspections
  XI. Medical Information
 XII. Transportation
XIII. Winter Activiites
BSA Local Tour Permit Required for all Den, Pack, Patrol or Troop outings/events 15 miles or beyond from the local meeting place.   Should be to Council 2 weeks prior to event.  ( .  May fax or scan and email to )   For Cub Scouting, all campouts require a BALOO and leader trained in Weather Hazards, in addition to the standard YPT.  
BSA Unit Fundraising Required for any fundraiser other than the National BSA Fundraiser selling Trails End Popcorn.
World Conservation Award application (Cub Scouting Award)  Application must be submitted to Council in order to receive this special award.